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What is the Funniest Thing That You Had Happen (physics or Glitch Wise) in Zelda?


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Dec 31, 2011
I've encountered so very few save for like rupees falling out of reach.
Oct 16, 2011
Another funny thing that happened to me was that I accidentally activated the Superslide glitch in Ocarina of Time when I was trying to kill a Gold Skulltula in Kakariko Village. It was the one on the side of the building with some jars next to it. Basically I just held the shield button while rolling at just the right angle inbetween the Skulltula and the jars, I pressed a at exactly the right time and the damage from the Skulltula (which hit the shield) caused a Superslide. Unfortunately and also kind of fortunately there was a wall a few feet behind Link so it didn't even last long enough for you to blink.

Why didn't you make it an extended super slide?

I also love any cut scene in OoT when you are the wrong age as when it is soposed to be done.


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In SS I was fighting the imprisoned, and standing at the highest point of the hole waiting for a good time to strike, and Groose ran me over with his catapult. Like excuse me sir! Ever heard of actually TELLING me to please get out of your way? The weird thing is: I knew the thing had wheels, and there was a railway, but it never crossed my mind that he would move it.


In Majora's Mask, I activated the Fierce Diety in Clock Town glitch and went to the milk bar at 10pm. If you talk to Toto as Fierce Diety, he will say something that a goron said in Snowhead, which is very werid. I think it happened because Toto is not programmed to say anything to Fierce Diety since Toto already says something different to Link's every other form telling him to play his ocarina/dekupipes/drums/guitar. Literally, Toto says the exact text that some goron says in Snowhead. Something about how cold it is. It is so random, but funny. BTW, I used an emulator with cheats for this since it would be very difficult to enter the milk bar on a regular console without cheats after 10pm as Fierce Diety because you have to be wearing the cow mask to enter which is impossible while wearing the Fierce Diety's mask too.


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The funniest thing I've seen didn't happen to me, but to my guy when he was playing Twilight Princess (only Zelda game he's completed, to my knowledge). He doesn't "play" games so much as he just farts around in them and sees what he can do. He spent at least forty-five minutes chasing the squirell by Link's house in the beginning of the game and trying to smash rocks into NPC's heads... (I got him to play a teeny tiny bit of Skwyard Sword once and he found "smash barrels into Fledge" to be a fun improvised mini-game...) But he can play seriously if he does feel like it. He'd gotten inside Hyrule Castle in the last stages of the game and discovered something upon firing arrows at a wall / at a Darknut or something that made us both laugh.

He had Link approach a shot arrow that the game programming apparently had thought gone into a wall. It wasn't anywhere near the wall. It was in midair, just stuck there. Link could not touch or reach it. My guy had him walk around it. Just this arrow, stuck there in midair.
Jul 14, 2012
My horse in OoT, spaz flipped everywhere, then fell through the floor. :lol:
A normal day in the life of Link. :lol:


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May 26, 2010
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Pretty much this. I was fiddling around with GameShark codes when one day I stumbled along this baby. Seeing Link doing pushups is both an oddity and amazing!


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Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
It's not a glitch, but I find this funny for some reason: In OoT when the stalchildren are chasing you if you jump in the river they jump after you and dissolve as soon as you touch the water.

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