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Spoiler What Is Nintendo Spoiling Exactly?


Apr 22, 2011
Yes that's right, What info have they released that has created a bandwagon of people accusing Nintendo of spoiling the game for them by revealing some mystical "Major Plot Points"?.. I don't understand this hysteria, What information has Nintendo released that has spoiled the game?
Demise (Big guy in artwork, final boss) isn't enough, We still don't know his intetions or how he got revived, Neither is saying that footage from areas or gameplay videos in dungeons. How are Nitnendo going to advertise their stuff and it has no direct connections with the plot...

I still have no clue why Zelda got kidnapped in the first place and why Girahim needs her, Or how Fi turns into the Master Sword exactly, How the blanks from other Zelda titles get filled in, How the Royal Family gets established and how they start ruling the land beneath the clouds or who the other demon tribe members are.

The above are MAJOR plot points, And AFAIK Nintendo hasn't released any information going into detail regarding anyone of those points. I'll surrender and join you guys when Nintendo releases their 100% Full Walkthrough of SS with spoilers, Now THAT would be spoiling the game for you.



Ganon, King of Douchness.
Mar 14, 2011
Over there.
Even if they did spoil it I would still buy it.
When I first played Majora's Mask I already knew so much about it, yet I was still surprised and I enjoyed it.
So I don't think if they spoiled it it would effect me.
Sep 25, 2011
I was saying some of the discovery aspect of the game has been spoiled, such as the name of the big guy and of the water dragon and they are included in major plot points. Granted the entire plot is not revealed to us but there are videos that show some parts of major points such as with the essences and the sword changing. While everything is not revealed, and I never said everything was, there are small points that connect to bigger points that take away some of the experience. SOME not all. I know this thread was directed because of me and I actually don't appreciate that. And believe it or not advertising can be done quite easily without revealing as much as has been revealed. With some gameplay footage here and there and some footage of some minor major characters such as Groose and the whale and major known characters such as Ghirahim and Zelda and Gaepora it can be done well enough. It's like an English teacher told me: It should be like a miniskirt, long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep it interesting.

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