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What exactly is Link saving in Termina if technically it does not exist?

Jan 14, 2018
So I’ve been thinking about some MM Zelda theory. What exactly is Link saving in Termina besides himself if it’s determined that the land is a creation of Skull Kids mask and mind? Link is a “real” person in Hyrule so why is he able to enter Termina as well? This concept seems confusing and ambiguous to me. Are Tatl and Tael real? Is MM just one imaginative song and dance between Skull kid and Link? And who or what does the mask salesman represent?

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Feb 5, 2016
Termina is a real place, another dimension is the generally accepted idea tho perhaps it could be just another country miles away I guess. Everything in the zelda Encyclopedia should be taken with a grain of salt same with Historia
Jan 14, 2018
Hey, I just read a few things online about it with conflicting theories. I got thrown off by some of them and was merely looking for feedback into the concept. In the encyclopedia it reveals that Termina is a fabrication, created by the power of Majoras mask. HEY! I didn't come up with it! Just spit ballin and interested in conflicting views against this theory Just wanted to understand it better. I read somewhere else that Termina in fact is real because we see skull kid in Termina before he discovers MM and because Link is able to leave Termina WITH his Mirror shield (hinting at idea a dream object couldn't be transferred over). Hyrule Historia called Termina "a strange parallel world". Some other theorists argue that the Lost woods serves as a hub for many worlds, including Termina. Taken with a grain of salt I guess as previously hinted at.

where does this come from?
I just replied above answering this.
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May 5, 2012
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wow I completely forgot about that, well going off that, I guess he's trying to save himself since his main way to get out of the time loop is to retrieve the mask, which would in turn stop the moon crashing


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Feb 19, 2020
Interesting question. Although I do not know what Link himself knows Termina to be, Ive always felt that he helps the people there out of a feeling of obligation. As far as he’s aware, once he goes back in time, his actions are undone, so other than any possible rewards, his only motivation is that he feels like he has to try and help these people. I do not know how everyone is ok at the end- perhaps the “Goddess of Time” pieces together the different times Link attempted to save Termina? Either way, Link decides to help the people, knowing it may be pointless. Of course, from a gameplay perspective, we know we would be rewarded, but story-wise, he’d have no idea.

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I don't subscribe to the theory that it's a dream within Skull Kid's mind, I consider it a real parallel world that continues on after Link leaves. Thus, some people are actually parallel world versions of people from Hyrule. The Happy Mask Salesman is the same mask salesman from Hyrule, and I always theorized he is some sort of time lord perhaps.
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May 16, 2008
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I've always hated this addition to the lore that Termina was "created" from the memories/mind of Skull Kid through the power of the mask, as well as some memories of Link himself, mainly because it adds nothing to the story and is somewhat of a cop-out for explaining various parts of the story. But anyway, let's see...

The way I understand it is that Termina is not a dream world, akin to Koholint Island in LA, but rather an alternate dimension that was shaped by the powers of Majora's Mask through Skull Kid and Link. Understanding it this way, Termina exists regardless of how it got there. Therefore, all of the different characters, their stories, and the events unfolding are all very real. So Link is still saving the world, regardless of how the world came to be.
Jan 14, 2018
Thank you so much to everyone for the detailed replies! I agree as well, I don't like subscribing to the whole dream world thing. How does Link keep the mirror shield then? lol. I love the mask salesman theory that's really cool! Link IS saving the world agreed, cause then like how do they explain the Giants, they are totally a real thing in the world of Termina.

Honestly, after just finishing playing the 3DS version (I played n64 years ago) I really like the concept of the Lost Woods being a portal dimension area to other worlds. The game starts with Link and Skull Kid there and ends with Link going back. In one of the final scenes when it transitions from Termina to Lost woods there is a shot of the camera moving forward through the woods and then a clear shot after camera stops moving of Link back in the Lost Woods on Epona. I LOVE this theory, maybe seeing as the goddesses view Link as the hero, they knew that the world of Termina needed saving and was somehow chosen to be a hero for Termina? Maybe the Lost Woods is a magical area in Hyrule that potentially serves as a portal to other dimensions and worlds. We saw similar portals in ALTTP where there were portal areas in the lost woods there too. Just spit ballin' but yeah thanks a bunch guys for the content here!

Also, massive shoutout to the ending sequence on the 3DS, when I say it was Spectacular, I thought it was BREATHTAKING. I almost got emotional actually after beating it. And then they transitioned from the original end Termina sequence from the original game to the end credits including all the people that worked on the 3D version. It went into an epic orchestral Clock Town into a final Legend of Zelda Theme orchestral arrangement as the grand finale and it honestly sounded so incredible on the 3DS XL. SOO EPIC! Omg, seriously one of the best grand finishes in ANY Zelda Title I've ever experienced. I had to go back to the moon to defeat MM one more time (this time with Fierce Deity, lol) to experience the end sequence again, I thought it was that good for reals.
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Jul 20, 2020
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I personally have two theories

1: when he was in the woods something mentally effected him
This world is within Link and it's all a form of fighting off the darkness within as he has not found his friend (Navi) and without further explanation is sad and alone

2: it's an alternate dimension of sorts similar to Lorule
So he is actually saving the inhabitants of Termina in this other worldly dimension

Alot of Zelda information is speculation with small truths honestly

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Mar 23, 2013
I don't subscribe to the theory that it's a dream within Skull Kid's mind, I consider it a real parallel world that continues on after Link leaves. Thus, some people are actually parallel world versions of people from Hyrule. The Happy Mask Salesman is the same mask salesman from Hyrule, and I always theorized he some sort of time lord perhaps.

I don't understand why they would attempt that retcon. It removes any sort of stakes from the story. Suddenly it doesn't matter if everyone in Termina dies, because none of them are real. It just kind of... invalidates all the characters and quests in the game.

The secret is to treat that retcon the same way Star Trek fans cope with the JJ Abrams Star Trek films.

Pretend they don't exist.


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