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What Enemies Do YOU Want in SS?

what enemies do you want to appear in ss?

  • Wolfos

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  • Darknuts

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  • Iron Knuckle

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  • Rat

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  • Moblin

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  • Peahats

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  • Hemasaur

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  • ChuChu

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  • Kargaroc

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  • something else(post)

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  • Total voters


definitely cucco attacks, but I also want to see what they'd do with darknuts. They're usually really cool looking enemies


The Other Side
Jul 4, 2011
Skyloft, yo!
Darknuts and Wolfos, please! (Especially since wolves are my favorite animal. :kawaii: So magical!) Also, I'm hoping for redeads, and I can't live without my Wallmasters - they scare the absolute crap out of me but they're so much fun to kill! Lastly, I'd really like some water enemies that actually did some serious damage (like a water enemy that is equivalent to the beastliness/brutality of a Darknut).

And there is but only one enemy I do NOT want in SS at all: Tektites. Those things are so pointless and annoying. :\
Jul 28, 2011
definitely darknuts. they were too weak and vulnerable in TP, so i wanna see them with special armor you have to cut through specifically. for example, you have to cut the back straps vertically, then there's an armor segment horizontal, have to cut off the helmet, etc. they should dish out more damage too.

as for the chuchus, they're very interesting because they come in a huge variety, each with their own characteristics. just not the chuchus from TP, i prefer the wind waker ones.


Who needs a shield?
Jul 27, 2011
Darknuts/ Iron Knuckles, because they are so fun to fight! It makes you feel so skilled when you fight them, because you gotta use backflips, rolls, sidesteps, and Hidden Skills (in TP).

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