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What Else Would You Like to Ride?

Transport thread for the win!

Link has ridden a fair share of animals as modes of transport such as birds, bears, horses and strange Italian named reptiles as well as being a train conductor and a talented nautical captain... but what else would you like to see him ride and why?

Having seen the Hobbit four times now and currently blasting through the City in the Sky in Twilight Princess, I'd love to see Link take a dragon out for a spin. There are dragons around in Zelda, Volvagia and Argorok are but two that the franchise has seen so i'd love me some dragon riding action in Zelda. If ZeldaU is as epic as I hope it will be a dragon may fit in quite nicely, i know its an Edler Scrolls Skyrim kind of thing to be wanting dragons but I could see it working so much better in Zelda than those games...

So, how about you, what do you want like to get on the back of next and why?


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Many, many people would love to see him on a dragon. I would, too. It's a classic fantasy-steed.

Personally... a GRYPHON! I have a serious *thing* for gryphons. I have a novel out being looked at currently that I wrote years ago that has a gryphon as a protagonist... so I have a huge love for them. To have a charcter that is a stately gryphon with a stately pesonality (think more King of the Red Lions in manner), that would be quite nice.


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Sep 28, 2011
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Well, I was gonna say dragon too, but then I saw the first post and decided that that would be unoriginal. So instead, I'm gonna go with a Yoshi.

Why a Yoshi you ask? Think about that question carefully. "Why would he want to ride a Yoshi as Link?" If you can't come up with an answer in ten seconds, there's something wrong with you.


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Apr 20, 2010
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A dragon is the animal that Link should ride at a new Zelda game. That would be so cool. What if link rides in a turtle for a water level or quest in a Zelda game? I think a turtle would also be cool that Link could ride.
I'd like for Link to ride a kwafee blender in Djinney land. (inside joke)

To be honest, I'm hesitant to see a flying beast returned after not so pleasant experiences piloting the Loftwing in Skyward Sword. Regarding dragons and similar magical beasts, I can think of numerous times tehir inclusion was butchered such as James Cameron's Avatar.

If ever Nintendo decides to revisit the size shifting mechanic of The Minish Cap I'd like to see Link ride a creature different from those the series has seen prior be it an insect or a mole.


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strange Italian named reptiles
Please say which games and when.

As much as dragon riders pwn, I'm against dragon riding in Zelda. Plenty of other books/games/movies have dragon riders...Zelda would lose its originality. SS pretty much already did dragon riders, only they used birds. In most dragon rider stories, dragons have close, often telepathic, links with their riders. Sounds like loftwings to me.

I'd like Link to be able to ride Zelda.
I knew that joke would be made. He does after SS, in the majority of the fanbase's head canon...


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May 26, 2010
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I really think Link should obtain a pet dragon a la Volvagia in the OoT manga and start riding that for a change. Wouldn't be new for gaming, but for Zelda it'd be pretty awesome! The closest we got to dragon riding, after all, was when we hookshot onto Argorok in Twilight Princess. ;)
I'd like Link to be able to ride Zelda.

How would that work, honestly? Zelda is very scrawny young lady, she couldn't bear even half of Link's weight I imagine. Even if you factor in hammerspace to erase all his items' weight, Link would be like 56kg or so! D:


May 10, 2012
Epona is good enough for me. She is majestic and horses are such beautiful creatures. If they ever do the mask thing again, like in Majora's Mask, maybe they could implement Zora-Link riding a turtle like he did to the Great Bay Temple over long distances. Kind of like Lapras from Pokemon! You could still swim, but if the new Zelda game is going to have huge exploration, it would be neat to see that. If they made an Anouki mask maybe he could use a sleigh and reindeer to fly. j/k


Twilit wildcat: Aerofelis
How would that work, honestly? Zelda is very scrawny young lady, she couldn't bear even half of Link's weight I imagine. Even if you factor in hammerspace to erase all his items' weight, Link would be like 56kg or so! D:
Dude I KNOW that joke didnt go over your head...ride in this context means...something that can make Link and Zelda become parents. Yeah.

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