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What Does Your Team Comprise Of?


Original PD
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Oct 2, 2011
Right now it's:

Flygon- Love him :D
Gyarados- He's so unexpected in competitive gameplay
Swampert- He's very sturdy and is a tank
Lucario- He gets good physical hits in, and priority ExtremeSpeed is amazing
Tyranitar- Does a great job at..killing everything
Breloom- Balances out the grass typing, and does a good job at putting people to sleep. Using Drain Punch is great too


The 8150th Link
Jul 26, 2010
For Yellow my team was
Level 48 - Pikachu
Level 47 - Venusaur
Level 47 - Charizard
Level 47 - Blastoise
Level 46 - Primeape
Level 46 - Kadabra

For Diamond it was (Don't remember the levels)


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Mar 22, 2012
A Distant Nebula
Ok, I don't have a team made up, but I do know what it would be. It would be a group of all Spiritombs, because there is nothing super effective against them. They would have different moves, that would not allow enemy to leave battle, and would bring my enemy to the grave when I go.


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Nov 3, 2009
Termina Bay
Alakazam or Mewtwo
Charizard or Blaziken

I haven't worked on it too much, I just found a bunch of Pokemon that I liked that I had raised and made sure I didn't have any huge holes in it. It's not the best team but they are all really strong and have high levels.
Jun 14, 2011
My team varies, I don't really use a set team but I do refrain from using legendaries. No matter what though, I always include my Espeon since It's my Signature Pokémon. It sure has saved me alot in the past.

I can list the ones I use the most though. they are:

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Jun 8, 2011
In the closet, with the cookie monster
i have a seperate team for each game, all now transferred to black or white except ones i am currently playing through. my first major team though, was on fire red:
charizard, blastoise (river), venusaur, zapdos (sparky), articuno (ice age), moltres
After the elite four, i decided to bump it up a bit:
charizard, blastoise, zapdos, articuno, tyranitar (rocky), mewtwo (pysch - supposed to be 'psych', but i screwed up and forgot to change before transfer to diamond)
They are now all level 100, just because i have had them for so long.
i traded charizard (lv. 100) and blastoise (lv.92) to emerald, which i only found out was fake after it corrupted, 'killing' both of them. I actually cried, but their children live on and hold their places in my team now. Most of my water pokemon i use in teams now, i name river with a roman numeral after, in river's memory. currently at river III on LG.
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Princess Niki

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Aug 27, 2011
I like to balance my team with different types.

LG - Venusaur, Pidgeot, Lapras, Ninetails, Raichu, Hitmonchan
Ruby - Blaziken, Wailord, Crobat, Walrein, Groudon (I made this team when I was 10 so I can't remember who the 6th one was)
Diamond - Empoleon, Staraptor, Azelf, Roserade, Dialga, Luxray
Platinum - Empoleon, Luxray, Gallade, Staraptor, Flareon, Roserade
HG 1 - Typholosion, Pidgeot, Starmie, Glaceon, Ampharos, Victreebel (my first play through now on Platinum)
HG 2 - Feraligator, Togekiss, Arcanine, Umbreon, Riachu, Sunflora
HG 3 - Megainum, Crobat, Magmotar, Espeon, Electivire, Kingdra (My current team)
White - Serperior, Swanna, Victini, Musharna, Zebstrika, Simipour
Black - Samurott, Swoobat, Simisear, Beartic, Emolga, Lilligant


Heart of Steel
Apr 26, 2012
Hoenn, Planet Cray (Pick one)
My Empoleon! I love it sooo much!

Empoleon: Lv. 100: Raised from Platinum from Lv. 5.

Drill Peck
Ice Beam

Mewtwo: Lv. 100: Caught at Lv. 70 in SS

Shadow Ball
Aura Sphere
Me First

Togekiss: Lv. 100: From a dear friend. Shiny. Probably from GTS, now that I think about my friend.

Sky Attack
Aura Sphere
Air Slash

Jolteon: Lv. 65 : raised from Lv. 1 Eevee egg. Inherited high SPA from my beloved Glaceon. Absol's partner, cripples so Absol can hit first.

Hidden Power (Water!)
Thunder Wave
Volt Switch

Absol: Lv. 69: Present from little brother. Obtained at Lv. 50. Jolteon's partner. Hits with super-high attack stat and often criticals.
Item: Scope Lens

Sucker Punch (THIS IS AMAZING FOR ABSOL! he has low speed :( )
Night Slash
Psycho Cut
Swords Dance

Arceus: Lv. 100: Event. I use him only for emergencies, not often. He's a bit of a placeholder...:)

Spacial Rend
Roar of Time
Shadow Force

Yay! My team! We haven't lost a single match at my local League!!

We are mainly an attacking force!
May 16, 2012
Alright i rarely stray from this model.

Member One

i NEED a seeder. Typically a grass type. my personal favorite are those with high defenses and learn giga drain. makes them tricky to ko. my recent favorite to fill this spot is Serperior.

Member Two

i NEED a dragon type. Mostly childhood love for dragons, simple and plain. Dragonite has always been my favorite ever since red version when i raped that game with my dragonite charizard one two combo. Recently i have been more open to other dragon types like Haxorus and Druddigon.

Member Three

Electric type. with so many water types i feel its necessary to have an electric, even with a grass type. grass types give a weakness to ice which a lot of water types use. Electivire, Eelectross, Zebstrika, Luxray, Raichu, etc. good choices, plus only one weakness.

Member Four

What i like to call the finisher. Any pokemon with ridiculously high attack, special attack, or both. any pokemon the first three are having trouble defeating ( usually not a problem ). Rampardos is one of my particularly favorite finishers because his attack is so high it almost doesnt even matter who its oppenent is ( with the right moveset of course )

Members Five and Six

Now these last few spots are up for grabs. if i dont have an adequetly fast pokemon with a fire move in my electric spot, i'll tend to go for a fire type to counter the ice weakness this format usually creates. And the final spot is some sort of water or ground type depending on the movesets of the rest of the team. if i am short in one type or have a weakness to a specific type is what determines this pokemon.

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