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What Does Your Custom User Title Mean?


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Feb 8, 2011
Mine is pretty self-explanatory. I took it on when someone once commented to me (outside the Internet), "You're pretty protective." My eyes widened as if hit in the head with a stone, because in that certain situation I realized I did act sort of like a guardian. And that my concern for other people spread out further than that general area, including on- and offline.

Oh yeah...and I added those little eyes for a comical effect. :D


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Nov 16, 2011
It's pretty much a message that goes with my username, Pixel IS the smallest graphic (digital) unit after all


The Quiet Man
"The Quiet Man" is the name of an old movie I came across once. Basically, it was about a guy who visited a little town where he grew up. The thing is, he got respected pretty quickly and certain people wanted a piece of him. He was made fun of because he didn't fight like people thought a real man was supposed to, in fact, his wife almost leaves him because she says she doesn't want to have a husband that doesn't defend his honor.

Now, I'm not saying that I identify with him or anything like that. I just thought it sounded cool, and it's a bit out of place since I'm not really a fully grown man, physically or in personality. I can actually be pretty childish sometimes. And I'm also not peaceful, people who know me probably know what I'm talking about.
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Feb 23, 2011
I've had the same usertitle from the very start. However, there was one instance when I changed it - on my birthday, on which it read "Happy Birthday".

On the topic of its meaning: My usertitle, Soul of †he Lone Wolf, comes from the fact that I have been a loner since forever (a loner, not necessarily "lonely"...there's a difference). As for the "soul" part of it...it not only sounds cool, but it has a meaning as well. It basically means I was born a lone wolf; it was instilled within my soul from birth. Another tidbit about my usertitle is that the "†" symbol is called a dagger, which happens to be my favorite weapon. All and all, I'm a sucker for themes. I hate when things are chaotic and uncoordinated, so naturally my usertitle would match my username [and everything else] to fit my wolf theme. :yes:


May 9, 2010
It means I'm the Psycho one, it is my nickname at school because of what I do.....and probably you don't wanna know


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May 26, 2010
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My usertitle is 8wayrun denotation for a very simple combo I do in Soul Calibur 4 using my 2nd favorite character, Amy.

236 means Down, downforward, forward, K means B/O (depending on console, B for X360 Circle for PS3), :A means JF Horizontal Button (Square or X, square for PS3 X for 360), 6 means forward, :6B means JF Forward Vertical Button (Triangle or Y, Triangle for PS3 Y for 360), G+A means press the guard button and horizontal button, X for PS3 or A for 360.

I love Amy <3


Oct 4, 2010
Mine means "I'm going to be a gardener" in Hungarian, which is the name of my favorite poem by Attila József.

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