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Twilight Princess What Did You Name Epona?

Dec 29, 2011
Every time I start a Zelda game, I name the horse Epona, since I'm used to calling her (him? I forgot) Epona. Actually, every time I start a game where it asks you to name a character, I always name it by the default.
I like the name Epona for a horse in the first place, so I decided to stick with it, plus its been that every other time. But when my brother wanted to make a file I set it up for him, he said he wanted to name Epona something different so I deleted the letters, and when he gave up on thinking of a name I went to click OK to see if it would just keep it as Epona and I accidentially had it on the 7 key so its name ended up as '777' because I clicked okay after not thinking to erase it... :O :P
Dec 30, 2011
I named her Epona, because of the n64 games where her name was epona. i'm not sure if i would have named her something different if i hadnt played the OoT first.


hahaha, I didn't like the name Epona at frist so for some reason I named my horse Killroy which was the stupidestr discion ever I have no Idea why I picked such a wired name and on top of that Epona's a girl! xD
But My one harry potter fan friend named Link Sirius and Epona Bukbeeck (I think thats how you spell it..)
Nov 28, 2011
Due to my general hatred of Epona (really all horses, real or otherwise), I have also named her "Useless", "Anus", and "Hugh Jackman" (that one is actually too long, and also incredibly cruel).

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