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What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

Azure Sage

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Today my group in Group Dynamics finished our test and, since our group is being split up next week, we went out to lunch together at this Chinese place to celebrate a job well done. The food was really good. I had crab meat sticks and fries, and I also had my first taste of a malt beverage which wasn't bad.


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Nov 12, 2007
In bed
Listening to music on my iTunes, got it set to random. Katy Perry, great. Oh, some Beatles now, great, love the Beatles. Noel Gallagher now? Terrific, terrific. Oh man, The Smiths, great song, loving it... what's this... Nickelback?!


How did it get there...
Feb 23, 2011
Taking my lunch break at work. Peace and quiet and no retards around. I'm loving this so much right now, you have no idea.


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
Did something so exciting as housework, lol. Cleaned up the balcony, cleaned and tidied my bedroom and did a couple of loads of laundry. At least I finished it off by playing some Ni No Kuni afterwards :P

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