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What Are Your Christmas Plans?


Sheikah Warrior
Dec 5, 2012
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Going to Mexico, being with the family. Going out with my cousins (tradition) and playing video games as well. Zelda is a vice in my mom's side of the family, so I'm very excited for all of us to gather and play again. It's a riot when you have a group of people and all of them loving Zelda :)


Mrs. Caleb
Aug 20, 2008
With two sides of the family in the same area, it can get a bit crazy, but it's memorable and fun. We're looking forward to the family time!


The Cassandra
Site Staff
Nov 29, 2008
Me? I never have any plans. I just go along with what the rest of the family does. My mom's side always gets together ever year and I've been to that every year on Christmas Eve, except a couple times I was too sick. Then we have a more immediate family thing on Christmas day. That's the extent of "my" plans.

Luke's Wife

peaked in 2015
Aug 15, 2011
the abyss
wouldn't you like to know, weather boy
Last year, we didn't actually do a whole lot because although we had a family get together we did it before Christmas Day and on Christmas just stayed home all day and ordered Chinese food for dinner :P I plan to do the same thing this year, and kinda just laze around and watch the Doctor Who special later :P

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