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What Are You Doing In Zelda?

Dec 27, 2019
Got around to beating Ocarina of Time again via PC emulator. I installed a cell shaded WW based texture pack and it definitely makes the game look fresh. I actually favor it more than the HD retextures.
Can i get some screenshots? Im very curious to see
Oct 30, 2018
Replaying TP right now - playing my original Wii disc through my WIU and it still looks great! Just recently planted and beat TLOZ and AOL, wow those games were challenging! I played them on my 3ds - bought them in the Nintendo Estore. Those games were so tough I just said screw it and used restore points because I just wanted to get them over with. Lol Now I’ve officially played every main title

Did you collect all of the stamps as well? I thought about getting the HD version but I just couldn’t justify the 80 dollars it was going for at the time. I already own the original version, is it that much better or different at all?

Totally agree, it is one of my favourite dungeons in the whole entire series, I would put it in my top five like for real. It’s so creative so captivating, beautiful and clever design. It’s a 10/10 dungeon so awesome
Yes, I got all the stamps, but I would put it on hold if he got the GameCube version. However, if you got the Wii version I highly recommend it, especially if you're left-handed.

Sorry for the late reply, this site has been giving me no notifications if someone mentions me or quotes me in a thread, even though I have my settings set to notify me.


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Aug 16, 2019
Blind folded in City In The Sky.
I have mixed feelings towards the dungeon. Like I feel it's a stupid and genius dungeon at the same time.

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