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General Classic What Are the Worst Classic Zelda Games (besides the Phillips CDI Ones) ?

Dec 22, 2011
all the games have been alright, but the adventure of link seems like you have to find out what to do without a clue why you are playing as link?? i know its to save zelda but no instructions or help, and its an RPG??!!??!??!??
Dec 20, 2011
Well, Adventure of Link (Zelda II) was probably the worst but that's because it was so much different then the other titles (in my opinion in a bad way). It was filled with strange comments that didn't make much sense; the walking around collection stuff got tiring, and the enemies were really hard (esp. after hours of playing since there was no save function back then). But after that I need to say Windwaker and Sprint Tracks might be the worst - I still beat them and enjoyed them but in comparison with the rest these games were less fun, mainly again because of the repetitive traveling (sailing and train ridding are not my cup of tea apparently).
Dec 19, 2011
I appreciate Zelda II's contributions to The Legend of Zelda as a series (magic, dark Link, etc.), but I can't really say I enjoy much about the game otherwise.

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