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What Annoyed You Today?

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So, when I went to pick up TotK, I sat in the curbside pickup spot for like an hour. I finally get the email that tells me pickup was ready, but it says curbside pickup isnt available.

????????? Then they the hell didn't yall communicate that to me last week when you sent me my confirmation email about my CURBSIDE PICKUP order? If it changed between last friday and today, why didn't yall communicate that to me? I would have been first in that goddamn line if they had. I WOULD HAVE BEEN FIRST IN LINE I WAS THERE BEFORE ANYONE ELSE! UGH!


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Jun 22, 2016
The eurovision votes...Sweden are winning with a horrible song and the singer has bad vibes imo...


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Jun 22, 2016
Snappers youre chatting away to someone and they come along like hey diz smile for us and you lose track of your convo...usually when im eating!!


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Jun 22, 2016
There was an aggresive driver driving on a Daewoo matiz trying to impress his girlfriend. I hope he is satisfied being outruned by a Bmw m2, followed by an Opel Astra and my C4 turbo. So there was a guy driving aggresively on the road and now we are 4. We gotcha dude, you are pressuring us from behind.
4 fast and furious?! :D
Mar 20, 2023
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What annoys me right now is that the folks at Nintendo of Japan need to start listening to criticism and they need to step up their game, and this is basically what I would tell the folks at Nintendo of Japan if I spoke Japanese which I don't:

This is the music track for the boss in "Tears of the Kingdom":

Super lame music track. So unoriginal and repetitive. (Audible sigh) You're not even trying anymore, Nintendo. You're not even trying anymore. What a huge disappointment. Come on, Nintendo! Come on!

Nintendo, you used to crap far better Zelda battle themes in the past:

And that's just a few examples. You used to crap better battle themes in the past and now you're not even trying, Nintendo. You're letting us down. That's regression. No, it's worse. Regression would be a step up. Because what came before was far better. Past games had far better boss battle themes and soundtracks (and Spirit tracks has the best and most amazing soundtrack in the franchise, that's what I call top quality music, so tell me Nintendo, if you can put this much heart and effort into a soundtrack for a DS game like the underrated game "Spirit Tracks", why did you not put as much heart and effort into the soundtrack for another handheld title, TOTK?). This is a huge let down Nintendo.

Also the temples are a bit too much like the divine beast format for my taste, though they're more interesting. But even if it was a bit more interesting, you could have done better. Is it any wonder that so many people miss the traditional temple dungeons? How about a freaking compromise? Bring back the linear traditional dungeons with the small keys, boss keys, mini-bosses, dungeon items and diversity of enemies but they can be done in a non-linear way in the sense that the player can do them in any order they want, and give us some freaking difficulty level scaling, and everyone will be happy. You don't have to pick and choose, you can have a mix of linear and non-linear. Too much non-linear is just as bad and boring as too much linear. You're ruining everything by jumping to the other extreme, lots of people, myself included, hate the divine beast dungeons and say that they're boring, bland, empty and too much of the same.

Why do you never listen to the gaming fanbase, Nintendo? The overwhelming majority of people in the gaming fanbase want the traditional temple dungeons back but also the freedom to do them in any order they want, kinda like ALBW. Isn't that simple or what? This is the formula that works and that most people in the fanbase want. Do you get that, Nintendo? Also, the shrines are freaking boring. Instead of giving us over 120 shrines in TOTK, you could have given us 7 or 8 dungeons like you did in Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and other titles instead of only 5 like you did in TOTK.

No one gives a damn about the shrines, most people only bother doing them to get the heart containers or stamina, but they would much prefer that you do away with the shrines and find some more interesting and exciting way to get those important items. Why didn't you have trials or challenges in caves or in the depths that involves a mix of killing enemies, sneaking/stealth segments, and collecting tears-of-light-style objects? That would have been better than boring shrines with nothing but a few constructs in them and that are so short that you complete them in 5-10 minutes each. Really, Nintendo, do I have to explain everything to you? I know that the pandemic has been hard on all of us, but good God, you're not even trying anymore. You think you can add a few aerocudas to the temple dungeons in TOTK and call it a day? It's disappointing. How about you have at least 6 or 7 different kinds of enemies in those temple dungeons like you did in the past titles, instead of more of the same freaking aerocudas and constructs? Also, the shrine music theme in TOTK puts me to sleep, that's not good Nintendo. The shrines are boring, they have only one type of enemy, the music is too relaxing and out of place, and the shrines are way too short and there are over 120 shrines and the only one that was refreshing and cool was the Mission Impossible shrine also known as the Aid From Above shrine. That was the only shrine that I thought was cool.

Even the temple dungeon music tracks in TOTK are boring and nearly make me fall asleep, like this one:

Temple dungeon music tracks are supposed to be stimulating, creepy, epic or otherwise engaging and this is the case for the overwhelming majority of Zelda games in the franchise. Also, at least the ones in BOTW were creepy and blood chilling, but the ones in ToTk are just boring and nearly make me fall asleep.

I've been watching a couple TOTK Let's Play video series, Nintendo, and I've seen the first temple dungeon so far, I've also heard a lot of people complain online about the temple dungeons being too similar to the divine beasts, even though they are themed/connected to elements. The first temple dungeon certainly is, what with the absence of decent enemies and finding 5 freaking locks/terminals or something. You're not even trying, Nintendo. This game doesn't make me want to buy a Switch. I still much prefer my New Nintendo 3DS, I still much prefer playing 7th gen Pokemon games and "Animal Crossing: New Leaf". They just don't make them like that anymore.

You can scream "You only think the original is better because you're a nostalgia moron!" all you want, Nintendo, but your Zelda games are getting worst since the Switch titles were released, NOT better. A lot of people don't like BOTW, they think it's boring (especially the divine beast dungeons and the bosses that are virtually all the same), I nearly fell asleep several times over watching the LIVE Let's Plays. I may not play Zelda games anymore, but I always watch a Let's Play of the new game on Youtube every time a new game come out, out of curiosity and so I can follow when it starts raining interesting theory videos on Youtube and I start watching them. Because even though I don't play Zelda games anymore, I still love the theorizing part and I watch a lot of theory videos and engage in theorizing discussions. Theorizing has always been the best part, better than the games themselves.

Also, when it comes to "Animal Crossing" most people prefer New Leaf over New Horizons, New Horizons is dead and it's your fault Nintendo, also villager hunting is the only thing holding the ACNH community together, most people are disappointed and bored of ACNH (even the updates didn't make ACNH better) and just want to play ACNL instead:


As for Pokemon SwSh, it just isn't a good game and you ruined the only good thing in Pokemon ScVi (AI Turo) by sending him away at the end of the game probably to never return. The fanfiction sequels to Pokemon SwSh and Pokemon ScVi are infinitely better than your games, Nintendo, fanfiction writers are better at telling a good story and developing characters than you are now, Nintendo. The Alola and Unova games were so much better than that and still get me excited, whereas just watching the gen 8 and 9 games on Youtube bores me to death. Gen 7 and gen 5 were and still are infinitely better than gen 8 and 9. I much prefer playing gen 7 and gen 5 games, those are great games. I still play Ultra Sun, Moon, White, and White 2 from time to time. But I'll never bother to buy a Switch and play gen 8 and 9 games because I don't like what I've seen of those games online, they are not good games.

Nintendo please, for the love of Jesus Christ and the Living Force/Universal Energy, step up your game. But I know you won't. I know that the next Zelda game, Animal Crossing game, and Pokemon game will be even more boring and far removed from the past titles than the last and I still won't buy a Switch and I will still enjoy playing ACNL (I've been enjoying this game for most of the past 4 years and I very much love my village and villagers and I can't get enough of this game) and I will still enjoy replaying gen 5 Pokemon games as well as Pokemon Moon, and shiny hunting in my Pokemon Ultra Sun. If you don't listen to the voices of the gaming fanbase members and pay attention to the criticism and what the consumers like or don't like, then just don't be surprised that a lot of them no longer want to buy your consoles and your games and that they just prefer playing past titles.

If the next handheld console (and its games too) isn't better, Nintendo, I won't buy one, it's as simple as that. If you don't get me excited with the next generation of cult classics, then You're losing me (and many others who are tired of seeing that each of the next Switch title is more boring and disappointing than the last) as a customer. I'm not going to buy games that I can't get excited about. I am not one of those Nintendiots and Nintendrones who will defend Nintendo no matter how many terrible decisions they've made, who will viciously attack anyone who so much as think of bringing up legit and valid criticism, who will block people just because they have different preferences and don't like the new game but prefer some past title in the same franchise, and I most certainly will not give Nintendo a pass when they go as far as to sue an 11 year-old child for posting a fan art that they drew online or a 9 year-old for wearing a Mario character Halloween costume or cosplay costume or going after modders and rom downloads because they won't actually let the gamers get older games (you need to go further with your virtual console stuff, Nintendo)!

Oh and one last thing, Nintendo, you know why I love Zelda fanfiction far more than the games? In your games, you push the myth of "redemptive violence" and when someone (mainly the main antagonist, who, in his defense, and in defense of his people, were always victims of Gerudo apartheid and racism at the hands of the fascist Hylian supremacist royal family of Hyrule, were always treated like sub-human and condemned to live in a freaking ghetto in the deadly desert, deprived of the blessings and prosperity granted to some other races but mostly to Hylians, forced to attack and rob travelers for survival because the ressources are in scarcity in the desert, many of them dying from starvation, hypothermia at night during those freezing cold sandstorm nights, or from preventable diseases, is it any wonder that Ganondorf hate the evil and fascist Hylian royal family and revolted against them, tell me were the Jews evil for revolting against the Nazis, were the Native Americans evil for revolting against the white pilgrims, were black slaves evil for revolting against the white supremacist slave owners?)... when someone, in this case Ganondorf, does something "wrong", you have your main protag and the Hylian royal family beat him and kill him and the cycle begin anew, over and over and over and over again, and you're too damn stupid, Nintendo, to realize that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results. You condemn Link and Zelda to repeat the mistakes of their predecessors or ancestors, the mistakes of the past again and again without end in every new game. The cycle repeats over and over again and nothing gets resolved.

You could have given Zelda, Link and the Hylian supremacist royal family a redemption arc, make them atone for how they treated Ganondorf and the Gerudo and other people like the Sheikah and the Zonai and make the Hylian understand that Gerudo lives matter, Sheikah lives matter and Zonai lives matter. You could have vindicated Ganondorf and his people, the exiled Sheikah, the Zonai silenced and killed by the Hylian royal family, the Hylian royal family's victims who were tortured and died a grusesome death at the hands of the Hylian royal family in their Shadow Temple, Well of Three Features, Arbiter's Grounds, and the giant BOTW colloseum, their Hylian royal crest is found in the first three and probably in the fourth one too. It's their torture/execution chambers where they tortured and killed every single person who questioned them, disagreed with them on anything or protested the mistreatment of their people at the hands of the Hylians. Or you could have given Link, Zelda and Ganondorf redemption arcs, all three of them.

Or you could have had Link wish on the triforce, have him wish the cycle curse away, setting Ganondorf, Zelda and himself free from the cycle curse once and for all. But you don't want that too happen do you? Because then you can't push the myth of "redemptive violence" anymore and bring Ganondorf back over and over and over and over again just so Zelda and Link can beat the crap out of him and kill him again only for the cycle to continue repeating itself indefinitely, this is why the fanfictions are so much better than the games, this is why I much prefer the later, Nintendo, it's because you're sadistic people who want Ganondorf to keep suffering and dying endlessly with no hope of ever breaking free from this awful cycle curse that he never chose to be born under after Demise uttered a curse thousands of years before Ganondorf's birth, and you, Nintendo, do not have a single empathetic bone in your body. You apparently cannot inderstand concept such as "love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" and "treat others as you would want to be treated." Also, the only redemption arc you ever gave us was Byrne in "Spirit Tracks" and you were quick to forget that this ONE redemption arc ever happened, which makes me sad.

But no, after seeing Tears of the Kingdom, I know you will never do any of those things I mentioned in the last two paragraphs, Nintendo, and I know you will continue to portray Ganondorf and his people as "bad, evil, horrible people" and Zelda and her family along with their lapdog Link as "sweet innocent little saints who can do no wrong", but most people are grown mature adults with life experience now who can clearly see that things are not as black and white as you would want us believe and more and more people start to realize that the myth of "redemptive violence" never lead anywhere good and is insanity, nothing ever gets resolved, just like the endlessly repeating cycle in the Zelda games, because you won't let Link put an end to the cycle curse by wishing an end to it on the triforce so all three triforce bearer can be free from the curse, especially poor Ganondorf who never asked to be born under this curse and has suffered from it far more than the other two, how many more thousands of years will Ganondorf have to go through this over and over and over again before you finally set him free from that awful curse and let him rest in peace, Nintendo? How much longer will he have to suffer for the actions of Demise thousands of years before he was born? Is there even an end to your cruelty and lack of empathy and mercy, Nintendo? Fanfiction writers are so much better than you and I much prefer their redemption arcs over your awful myth of "redemptive violence" and your awful idea of Ganondorf being a punching bag and a murder target for Zelda and Link for all of eternity with no hope of ever being free from the cycle curse uttered by Demise thousands of years before Ganondorf's birth.

This is why I much prefer the fanfictions over the games. Thank God for those great redemption arcs and those talented fanfiction writers. Redemption arcs is and will always be a far better and more desirable genre than the myth of "redemptive violence". Just saying, Nintendo. You should listen to what people have to say sometimes, maybe you'd learn something.

This is how horrific the myth of "redemptive violence" is and how harmful it is to society at large (it never leads anywhere good and nothing ever gets resolved):


Things like this make me feel depressed. :(
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