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What Annoyed You Today?

Hylian Viking

A modern day Hyrule warrior mean mean stride.
Jun 23, 2020
North Carolina
A robocall spammer woke me up from my sleep this morning, I unlocked my phone only to find out that I was text message spammed three times by another spammer when I was asleep and to add insult to injury the same robocall spammer I mentioned earlier left me a voicemail. Seriously folks what ever happened to leave a message after the the freaking beep.
In my experience, people who walk slow, are probably listening to music. You kind of tend to walk to the beat of a song, and not everyone considers they can double their pace to still be in rhythm with it.

As for what annoyed me, I am annoyed because I am still awake from yesterday and am probably gonna crash before my sister gets back home with the Indian food she went out to get, because she's taking too long.


magical internet cat....
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Jun 22, 2016
>be me
>job starts at 7
>set an alarm for 6:20
>get up and get ready
>dad still not awake for some reason?!?!?!?
>look at clock
>its 5:40
>stupid phone likes to flipflop on what timezone it's in without telling me
>hey at least ive actually got time to check up on ZD now
Least youre ready to go!! Tis why i dont use phone for alarm stuff got a shake and flash one...


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I get a holiday ham from work every year.

Or at least I’m supposed to.

We got an email at 4:03 PM Friday, saying that we were supposed to pick it up on Sunday.

4:03 PM. As in, a half an hour after a good chunk of employees leave for the weekend. Including myself.

Thanks guys.

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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Today has just been completely off for me for some reason. Started the morning forgetting to listen to music on the drive to work and it like threw my entire day off. I haven't felt like myself. I felt irritable and with less patience but fortunately I didn't let it show with the kids. Then when I got home, I was so excited to update my dream in ACNH only to be met with server errors so I couldn't do it, which now ruined my night. Today is just not good. I wanna go to bed and start tomorrow already.


The flow of time do be cruel like that
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I've watched the full first season of demon slayer free of crunchyroll. I didn't get a chance to watch the mugen train movie so I said "okay, I'll just watch the mugen train story arc on crunchy roll" But crunchyroll won't let me watch it with a subscription or a free trial. So I figured it's because it's from the movie, I'll just skip that and watch the next storyline. But now that the first episode of the entertainment district arc is out, it won't let me watch that either! Why make it so I can only watch the first season?


The flow of time do be cruel like that
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My school has a work-based learning program where instead if going to school on days you're in shop, you can go to a trade related job. That way instead of attending classes you get money and work experience. Both my friends in shop have gotten jobs and started wbl. I'm happy for them, but it kind of sucks for me. Now my teacher has me working with a group of girls I don't like at all. They constantly slack off, spend most of the day on their phones, in the bathroom, vaping, or gossiping. I don't talk to any of them and they tend to ignore me, so trying to be with them and actually accomplish anything is going to be torture. Not to mention with no friends in my class I'm stuck just being quiet and by myself all day. Sigh.

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