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What Annoyed You Today?

Oct 14, 2013
I guess the whole situation the world is in right now. People are jumping on so many bandwagons, they have lost sight of the bigger picture. They are attacking people who don't beleive in the exact same thing they do. All this is doing is dividing people up. It's drawing the line in the sand. "Either you believe what I do or you are against me".

This disappoints me greatly. We need unity more than anything now. We need to accept our differences of opinion, embrace them, celebrate them. Use them to work together towards a better tomorrow. Not just focus on the hatreds of today.

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A friend of mine had an old friend of his come over today and when we were out in public he crossed a line, he made a racial slur, and it just wasn't cool at all. I don't want him coming around anymore really, I know my friend is old pals with him and everything but I know I'm going to call him out one day if he comes around again and keeps that up, and I can anticipate it not ending well...
May 4, 2014
Today I learned that 2 player fighting games got their start in 1976. And then I was called a rude name for proving them wrong by saying SF was not the first of the fighting genre. :suspicious:

That's okay though. If these revisionist idiots wanna argue with documented vg history, they're the only ones who are gonna come out looking stupid. :shrugs:

Me personally, I thought it was kinda neat to learn that fighting games and Sega were around way back when. :`v`:


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Jan 21, 2011
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Really annoyed by people who hijack thoughts and downs of another for their own gain, whether that be sympathy or attention. At least give some breathing room, sadness is not a competition.

In light of more recent events, I'm incredibly annoyed by people going to protests and posting ****ty pictures of themselves or showing the faces of other protestors without their consent, or just going to **** things up. This is a bigger cause and larger dialogue, not just for people to feel "woke" or to get clout for doing it. If you're part of the cause and doing what you can, fantastic, if you're using it for your own personal gain, rot.

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Dec 2, 2012
Went for a walk to the liquor store nearby with my roommate a little earlier. I grabbed my bottle of Smirnoff and some ginger ale, only to realize I wasn't allowed to purchase it since the person with me didn't have ID. I think that's a dumb rule, but oh well. So we stopped by the house on the way to another store so he could grab his ID, but then the other store had closed at 8pm. Even considering the COVID-19, 8pm is way too early for a liquor store to close on a Friday night. But thankfully there was another one nearby! So we went there, and of course they closed at 10 (it was now 10:15). We checked google maps to see if the original store we went to was closed and it was, so in the end we decided just to return home.

Got a nice walk out of it, at least.

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