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What Annoyed You Today?

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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Trying to take a "professional" photo of myself for online tutoring is really hard because my hair continues to fall apart and curl up minutes after putting the flat iron down. It's all this heat and humidity. I hate spring so much. I might just dip into my gallery and see if there are any appropriate selfies I could use. After all, what is a headshot but a very important selfie?

el :BeoWolf:

When all else fails use fire
Feb 5, 2016
My switch decided to just pause my download half way. Here I was thinking ahead downloading it last night so it'd be ready this morning but NO LOOLOLOLOLO
*download paused* why


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Jan 31, 2010
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Some decisions my fiance makes. He's a sweetheart but he really should ask me first hat I like instead of ordering something. I this case it's about a phone. Mine is getting lots of troubles and instead of asking me what I want he's going to order one right away. Sweet yes, but hey I have something to say in this as well
Aug 31, 2019
People not following following distance guidelines.

Stopped in the middle of walking my dog to clean up after her and 2 people just walked straight passed me, didn't go to the other side of the pavement to put as much distance as possible or even cross the empty road, no they literally brushed past me.

Was going to say something but that could cause an argument which would lead to more exposure. It's happened a few times now during walks/runs where I've not been able to move in time (tying shoe laces, waiting for traffic to cross the road) & I'd hate for me or my family to suffer from anything due to the overwhelming stupidity of others.

It's not complicated don't go near other people!
I'm having one of those days that gets progressively worse as it goes on.

Currently stuck miles from home in the rain with no other way to get back than to walk.
I've got yet another nosebleed so anyone who passes me must think I've got something way worse than Covid19.

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