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What Annoyed You Today?


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Jan 22, 2016
United States of America
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Moreso over the last couple of days. Things were starting to warm up, and I wanted to head to the range, considering the only gun ranges out here are outdoor ranges.

Because of the weather warming up, I planned to head down to the local range and zero in the sights on my rifles, until yesterday and today where we completely got dumped on with 6 inches of snow.

A real bummer. :rolleyes:

Did a very deep cut into my finger while cooking food.
Ouch! Be careful!

*M i d n a*

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Aug 18, 2009
Had to take out a splinter from my index finger. It was deep and right in the middle, which made it a little harder for me.


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Jan 31, 2010
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I deliver the mail in a small village. We're with three people. And one of them ALWAYS manage to pull away when it's busy. This is like the third or fourth time already she called the office saying she can't do the delivery. This morning she called in sick. On wednesday I already have to do my own delivery round and the one from the other girl who's always off on wednesday. And guess what...I had to do the ****ing ***** her route as well! So I had to do THREE ROUNDS! The office managed to get one of the girls doing the round I normally have to do daily. On tue/thur/sat my round is usually busy and on wed/fri it's quiet. The guy who is in charge of the schedules would ask if a male coworker from a town closeby (but he lives in the town I walk my round) would at least deliver the packages so I wouldn't have to deal with that. Guess what... the guy said no. He was like: no!!! It's my day off and I don't help out. I was so ****ing mad. I had to deliver AGAIN like 10/12 ****ing mail bags and of course the packages as well. Thank god my fiance came to help me out. Tomorrow I have to do two large rounds. But boy I wish they would do something about that ***** always pulling out when it's busy. She only works 4 days a week and sometimes even 3. And if she can't handle busy times there shouldn't be a place for her or the other guy who downright refused to help out a coworker. But he had the guts to show up when my fiance was taking over some bags from me to deliver and complain about how tough it all is and stuff. We're a team but it seems like out of the 3/4 people over there delivering mail I'm the only one who helps out but never get help when needed. I'm so ****ing tired of this **** :mad::mad::gthrow:

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