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What Annoyed You Today?

I'm courteous to bugs, right? There's a juvenile grass spider in the sink in the basement, so I decided to not disturb him and use the sink in the bar instead. But I'm stupid and it's dark and I ****ing whacked my head really on the cabinets because I didn't realize how low they were. It's one of those head hits where you smell blood almost instantly. Didn't really feel anything then, but god I have a headache now.
My sister has this one succulent that's really leggy because it was on clearance, and its pot always tips over because lopsided weight. I babysit it and her other succulents for her since she's at medschool. Well when I picked the pot up today, the stem broke and I'm really upset. Gonna have to see if I can propagate it later since there's a lot of stem to work with. Have other plants I've been thinking about rerooting too, and it's just such a stressful thing to deal with right now.


I just really like botw
Apr 8, 2019
Why are everyone using the laundry room so impatient? I went there 10 minutes before my time was up and there was this dude there looking super upset that he had to wait so long ..

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