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What Annoyed You Today?


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Computer has been slowing down a lot lately and it's nearly time for me to update, so it has been bugging me trying to keep this one going. Also a lack of sleep lately isn't helping my fuse.
My stupid idiotic neighbor who loves to turn the music loud and I mean really loud. I don't need to enjoy his music!
This is me every day, except instead of music, it's their stupid dogs. They have a ****load of pets and don't pay them any attention; all their dogs do is go outside and bark for hours straight, sometimes at 3 in the morning, and their seven cats might as well be strays.
Feb 19, 2019
Feel free to use what pronouns you want. I use both sexed pronoun sets interchangeably.
Sorry for that, Spirit.

Namira, things get better... eventually. Just takes too long.

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