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What Annoyed You Today?


Spaceballs: The Mafia Player
Jul 12, 2011
Spaceball 1
Most of my day has kinda gone too quick at work. Like. I'm finishing tasks a bit easier than I like which is worrying me and it's annoying because I shouldn't be worrying. Lol
Jun 7, 2016
I left my data on for 3 days by accident. I turned Wi-Fi off because I had a problem with one of the networks I kept connecting to and I forgot to turn it back on. So now I'm completely out. I feel so stupid.


BoDoc Horseman
Nov 24, 2012
Group projects suck.

I have done all the work into our actual presentation and making sure my group understands what the key points we need to hit on are. None of them even tried to look up the different types of graphic organizers, which is what the presentation is on. Yet its somehow still my responsibility to find a majority of the studies that research the effectiveness of graphic organizers. One of my members literally just wrote "graphic organizers help understanding" and THATS her contribution.
There was something I meant to do today but I can't remember what it was and it has been bugging me all day. There are things I need to do that I know of but I don't think they were the specific thing I think I am forgetting, but I can't figure it out because I don't remember...

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