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What Annoyed You Today?

Jul 19, 2015
I hope our society can improve services in rural areas faster as time progresses (I'm assuming you're were/are in one).
if not rural, it might just be old people in town. Curse 'em. The town my parents live in isn't super small (maybe ~20,000 people), but it's filled with cranky older boomers who think it ruins the sanctity and beauty of the town to have wireless towers built. So, everyone there suffers with terrible-to-nonexistent service instead.


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Jul 27, 2010
The Wind Temple
I've been hooking up my new A/V cables for recording and streaming speedrun videos, and I spent several hours testing my setup. The audio is working, but not the video. I still can't get the video to work!


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May 20, 2012
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Good lord where do I even begin...

-The new bus seats are lying about having padding, they're just a layer of fabric over super rigid plastic.
-I have to use only two flash drives to format an entire computer lab at work. **** me.
-That pipe dream went and shoved itself up its own arsehole. Yip-de-****ing doo dah.
-The bus home was 25 minutes late. Actually no, the bus was there, but the driver ****ing vanished. So I was literally sat on the curb in 93f/34c heat for over half an hour.

Perfect god damn day.


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Nov 29, 2010
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I did not succeed in making myself feel any better at all today. Especially after my run down memory lane earlier which really caused me to reflect on a lot of past relationships that went wrong. Not so sure I have reflected so hard on how I have affected people before as I did today. Typically I never even think about it, I have been going through life almost totally devoid of any thought of emotional repercussion of my actions on others years ago. At least nothing more than the most superficial of passing concerns. I was a ****ing idiot in highschool and the immediate years after.

It is not an easy feeling knowing that you might have really hurt people. Don't even know what I could ever do about that.
Mar 13, 2014
United States
Ok, so recently I got a job at a Grocery Store. I love it, its fun and my co-workers are nice. But what really pisses me off is the some of the customers we have coming through the store. (Not all Customers)

The Grocery Store it self is a "Sorta" high Quality in terms of services and the products we provide are a little more expensive. (Pain in my wallet whenever I have to buy lunch). So a lot of the people that stop at our store are generally have a larger wallet than most people. Now, most of these people are very polite and nice. But they're are a few bad apples in the bunch.

List o Hate,

1. My store provides pick up meaning that a person could leave they're grocery's at the front entrance of the store and pick them up with Assistance from an employee Stationed outside (Me) the store. NOW, what really pisses me off is when a person parks they're car in front of the store and gets out leaving they're hazards on and go in the store to shop for an hour. Not only is this a nuisance to me its a nuisance to other customers trying to enjoy in our complementary pickup service. ON TOP of that, It's a safety hazard. If we where to have a fire, car would block the firetruck from parking. Also what makes them more important than the customers that park in the parking lot.

2. When I'm bagging and a person ask for paper bags, not a problem. Then when I ask them if they would like to keep they're HOT rotisserie chicken in a plastic bag to keep it warm. They say "Nah...Lets put that in paper bag it will keep it warmer." My face is all like p_p. (PLASTIC BAGS insulate WAY Better Than PAPER Bags.)

3. You peoples who have children, DON'T let them in the pet supply's aisle alone! Or they may throw a 45 pound bag of bird seed all over the floor. (Has Happen twice in the last month.)

4. Please tell the nearest employee if you find a huge mess in the Dairy aisle. (I need to make this a shirt!)

5. Don't ask the employee outside if they can move a cars out of the handicap parking spots so you can park there. (This needs to be a sign outside the store)

6. If an employee is helping another customer please wait your turn. If I say "Ill get to you in a min, Mam." The person who asked doesn't have to scream.

7. Customers who get mad at the cashier over a coupon for a dollar.

8. Customers who buy 45 items and go to the self checkout.

9. Customers who let kids into the wine aisle(s), it's equivalent to letting a bull in a china shop.

ALL of this happens and sometimes makes my work more challenging than it already is!
Jul 19, 2015

flight to boston was delayed, then came in late, connecting terminal was obviously on the other side of the airport, had to go through security again, missed my connecting flight, got rebooked, and now this flight is delayed an hour and counting

nbd, flying from san francisco to europe wasn't already grueling or anything 8)

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