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Unintentional jumpscares


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Sep 29, 2020
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Sometimes something in a game will take you off guard even if it wasn't meant to. For example, when I was playing TP and Yeta is waiting outside that one room, it scared me to see her right there. Also, just tonight I'm in Hazy Maze Cave and at the swimming beast in the cavern and I didn't see it at first, I tried to climb up the rock, I turn around and there's this thing right there. Is there anything that scared you in a game even though it wasn't meant to?
Feb 7, 2014
There have been couple times in MGS3 that I would forget about a claymore I planted and run right over it, always made me jump out of my skin.

Also, I don't know if it was intentional or not, but this poster in New Vegas got me when I just entered a doorway

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In BotW there's that one shrine you have to find in the dark. While I was stumbling around there was a dog bark and it scared the absolute **** out of me since I have a fear of dogs. It just caught me off guard and I had to pause for a bit after that.


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May 5, 2012
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there's this eerie place in paper mario called the crystal palace, and there's a spot where you have to throw bombette to a crack in a wall to blow it up, when she returns back there's several clones of her all of a sudden

it genuinely startled me b/c of how out of left field it was, and it still stuck w/ me today
May 21, 2023
Like to think I’m pretty observant in most games, many things generally don’t catch me off guard. But a more recent one was in the depths in TotK, going under the Lost Woods. I’d heard about something that happens there, but didn’t realize it can happen anywhere else, so I was so surprised by it I accidentally ran my makeshift Everglades mobile I’d used to get over this gloom lake straight into a bomb flower.

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