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Two Ganons



i don't know if its posted topic yet but i believe there are two ganons in split time line. Okay i just watched Lancun new time line theory. Okay and based on what he said ganon triforce is gone as he might of died at the end of Twilight Princess . Now according to theory ganon in a link to the past somehow ganon had the complete triforce something the other ganon befroe him could not do. I liked to know what you guys think of Lancun new theory of two ganons on the right side of the time line.

Okay here is a question if ganon died in the end of Twilight Princess than were did his triforce of power go?
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Nov 24, 2009
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The Ganon in LttP is probably the Ganon from FSA. I've never heard of this Lancun character, but I agree that Trident Ganon is different from Triforce Ganon. (for now at least...until I see good reason to put OoX before FSA.)

Many say he never had it in the first place, but I'd have to play the game again before I form an opinion of my own. I haven't played it since it was released >.>
I believe there are multiple ganons. Not nessisarely two. The Ganon is OoT is more powerthirsty than anything, so his heart was leaning towards power rather than all of the three. Which means that he only got one of the three. But the ganon in ALttP got it all because he wanted it all. His goal was to rule everything, not to obtain power because he was probably deprived of it as a child. So, he obtained all of the triforce.


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I believe there is just one Ganondorf, but because of the timeline split, there became two. One was sealed in the Sacred Realm at the end of OoT, and the other was almost executed by the sages pre-TP. Ganondorf died in TLoZ, as the monsters are trying to sprinkle his blood over Links ashes (however it goes) to revive him. On the other side, he got impaled with the Master Sword and died on screen. And Twinrova tries to revive one during OoX.


Here is Lancun's explanation to the whole Multi - Ganon issue, and he makes a fairly good explanation on to how Ganon existed.

By the Way - Lancun a Gamer user on Youtube, who does LP's and Zelda Video Timeline theories.

So here's his recent timeline video.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5
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Jun 16, 2010
There is two ganons. One on the child timeline and one on the adult timeline.

The Ganondorf in WW and in TP are actually the same person, because they are on opposite sides of the timeline. It's the same Ganondorf as in OoT. But the Ganon in LoZ, LttP, and FSA is a different Ganon.

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