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General Modern Twilight Princess Vs. Skyward Sword



So over winter break, I plan on playing and completing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in two weeks. The only problem I have is I don't know which of the two games to play first. What fo you guys think? Which game should I start first? Why?


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Oct 23, 2012
I say Twilight Princess first, but only because it came out before Skyward Sword. I don't care too much about the timeline stuff.
Dec 5, 2012
I would say it depends on which Twilight princess you have if you have the wii version start with that because it might to be difficult to go back to those motion controls from skyward sword I would think so anyway. If it's gamecube I don't think it really matters I liked them both :D

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Feb 6, 2010
Twilight Princess. Personally I prefer the Wii version (albeit, I never played the GC version) but I've heard that others like the GC version so its your call. I feel SS was made to be played after TP. Really when deciding on what two games to play, I always choose the one that came out first as a preference.
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May 26, 2010
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I'd say start with Twilight Princess (whether Wii or GameCube version), finish that, then play Skyward Sword later to see how much of an evolution SS was to TP. ;)
If you're going to play Twilight Princess make sure it is on the Gamecube, the motion control delay on TP for the Wii makes it annoyingly frustrating and unnecessarily difficult in some places where timing is a factor. Skyward Sword is the shorter and for me, easier game, so it may not take you long, TP has more content than SS too so if you want to start small then delve into a deep adventure then Start with SS.


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Oct 28, 2012
Didn't I see this thread before? Anyway, if nothing else, get the GC version of TP. Much better.

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Start with Twilight Princess first just to follow the chronology better. After all these years I still like it, even though Skyward Sword has far eclipsed it. You need to see the progression of the series in order to get a better appreciation for it. If you can, get the GC version, the controls are tighter on it than the Wii.

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