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Ocarina of Time Tunic Colors: Which Games' Tunics Did You Prefer?

Which Tunic Do You Like Most?

  • N64 Green

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  • N64 Red

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  • N64 Blue

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  • 3DS Green

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  • 3DS Red

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  • 3DS Blue

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Dec 22, 2011
3ds blue had a nice crisp color so i voted that, but the coolest tunic ever was the gold one from tp


Businessman of Legend
Apr 1, 2009
I don't know why, but once I get the blue tunic, I keep it on for the rest of the game, simply because I think it looks cool. Between the two system, I like the 3DS version of the tunic better.


Link's Alter Ego
Dec 27, 2011
Lost Woods
I haven't played the 3DS version but I always liked the classic green tunic. Green is my favorite color so that probably played a role, but I think green fits Link the best.


Someone You Met Online
Dec 17, 2011
Cleveland, Ohio
To me, I like the Red and Blue because the Red goes great with Link's final gear. I like the Blue becuase it looks cool with the Hylian Shield and the Master Sword.
Dec 23, 2011
The green one is so classic and I liked the somewhat brighter tones in the 3DS game, so my answer is the 3DS Green! ^^
Aug 25, 2011
I like the 64 goron tunic but my favorite is 3ds blue

I like the goron tunic for the 64 but i think i like the zolra tunic better in Oot 3d

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