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Twilight Princess TP and FOOD

Dec 12, 2010
Midna comes from the Twilight Relam and is so incompatible with the World of Light that she cannot even assume her actual shape. What in the world would she find to eat??? This line of thought goes both ways--what did all of the Hylian people eat when Twilight covered Hyrule?

I think I just ruined Twilight Princess for everyone.

*disappears inconspicuously*
Feb 23, 2011
There are probably twilight versions of every animal (food) the Light world Hyrule has, similar to how we could find some twilight versions of the fiends Link must fight...

I got nothing...


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Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
Wow. I never even thought about this. I have no idea...but wait. The people of the Light world turned into spirits. I don't think they can eat. But as for Midna... no idea. I have nothing. *stalks away*


the man from mars
Aug 25, 2011
sa texas
they didnt eat. simple as that. neither did midna. nor did link, he never really eats unless you count milk n bee larva.
Dec 12, 2010
That could very well be true.

But if so, why do Ordon people grow pumpkins and raise goats? Why do you see tables in peoples' houses? Why do Castle Town people sell food in the marketplace?

Also, nobody seems to eat in OoT, but the Gorons claim to be starving when they cannot get to Dodongo's cave where their tasty rocks are.


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May 16, 2011
Seattle WA
Alright you guys......... When you watch movies, and watch TV shows like 24 on FOX, do you ever see people kicking back and enjoying a nice brunch? Sure, tables and food are seen in Hyrule, but only for the added sense of detail. The developers don't expect you to want to see characters eating at tables and stuff, but the presence of food and dishes and tables makes you just assume they do, and continue saving the world.


Jun 14, 2010
Not in the SB ;-;
Well Midna does ask for bread...

So yeah probably foods dont differ between realms, or perhaps they do as the monsters but have the same name. Either way we do know that people in Hyrle eat. When Link gets near the market he has the problem that he cant choose what apple to eat, since the others in the other stand always look nicer. And we know for a fact people drink water, yes. If not the Goron in the market wouldve go broke a long time ago.

Also in Ordon, the guy got pissed off when you destroyed his pumpkins since they are food. We also have cuccos which are a rich source of eggs and meat. We also have the goats which are obvioulsy exploted to the max, an example of it is the Ordon sword, which was made with goat horns. We also have milk!!! Which is another food.

Now for the big bomb, we have the "hearty soup" made by Yeto. Yes, I got you. This soup is made by Ordonian ingredients, it is super healthy and has vitamins to cure Yeta's disease (curse). And they eat FISH, so the Zoras and the Gorons well...we obviously know.

So in conlusion the Hylian diet is based on:
Goat Meat
and it seems bread...
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Dec 12, 2010

Based on evidence of food we find throughout the game (thank you, Mr.Verto), we can make a perfectly logical assumption that Hylians more or less have to eat in order to live, just like the rest of us (but, as Zleda mentioned, they reason they never eat when anyone is watching is probably because they are part of the gaming experience of all of Nintendo's valued customers).

We don't regularly see Hylians eat, so we can't completely rule out the possibility that, as ENA-three! suggested, nobody eats. But that would not explain all of the evidence of food.

Perhaps there is a compromise in here somewhere--perhaps Hylians CAN eat but don't necessarily have to. But that would be kind of odd, and I don't think Nintendo would purposefully create a world full of people like that and then not say anything about it.

So if Hylians have to eat, I still consider it a mystery how they do it when the world is covered in Twilight. Even if a Hylian food has a Twilight Realm equivalent, as Wolf Sage and a few others were saying, I can't see how any Hylian could eat something that comes from a world that they can't even exist in.

LinkLover suggested that perhaps ghosts don't have to eat, but the game said that nobody could tell that they'd been turned into a ghost.


Now, what about Midna and the Twili?

We never see tables or food in the Twilight Realm. But Twili move around and even do magic, so they have to get the energy it takes to do that from somewhere. Since Twili have teeth, it isn't unreasonable to assume that they can eat (maybe they like bread XD). We see birds in the Twilight Realm, so a variety of animal life probably exists there.

Is eating the ONLY way a Twili can get energy? It's impossible to say since they can do magic and magic is kind of a wild card. Mybe Midna "eats" by... I don't know, pulling energy out of the universe through magic when she's in the World of Light. But that arrangement seems about as awkward as the idea that Hylians don't need food to survive.


Ok, carry on.


The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
Well, all I can say is Zelda is Zelda, not The Sims 3. Like mentioned, food is just there to add attitude to the game. Detail, and all those stuff. I mean it's pretty known knowledge that you have to eat, but, come on, it's a video game, man.


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Apr 28, 2011
You're all wrong.

The simple fact is that the entire world is in such suspense over the happenings. If you're playing the game correctly, you'll have beaten it in less than a day. That's plenty enough time for everyone to not eat and survive safely. If you take forever to complete the game... well, that's your fault for taking the realism out of the game (because the entire universe isn't going to wait around for three weeks for you to save it).

Either that, or basically what everyone else has said. But seriously, I've gone day(s) without eating, and I'm sure if the world was in peril from Zant and his hordes of twilight minions, I'd not need to eat for a little while.
Sep 2, 2011
I think it's because it doesn't really add anything to the game. And it's not just with food: Link would probably need to go to the bathroom sometime during the game, he would have to sleep too. It's irrelevant to the game to add all those features. It would be like: I'm going to save the world! Oh, first I need to eat some breakfast. Ok, I'm ready. ****, I'm thirsty... And then when you're just about to go beat some boss' ***, Link gets really tired.
It just wouldn't work.

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