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TM/HM's, New Moves?


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May 16, 2011
Seattle WA
So we all know that there have been hundreds of TM/HM's throughout all 5 generations. Generation 5 made the entire system better by making TM's usable more than once. My question to all of you is this: Do you like what Gen 5 did to the TM system? Also, what new TMs/moves in general would you like to see in X/Y?

Personally I think the combo moves in Gen 5 (I forget what they were called) was a very interesting idea and would like to see more moves like that, or (Similar to Chrono Trigger) combo moves that 2 Pokemon use at the same time. I think this could prove for some very interesting battles, which would definitely be refreshing.
Jun 14, 2011
I absolutely love what they did with the TMs in Gen V and no doubt we will see them used in the same fashion. It was very convenient and saved quite a bit of money compared to Gen IV. The problem with the Gen V TMs themselves were that they got rid of some very good moves like Water Pulse, Giga Drain, Focus Punch, Brine, Avalanche, Dark Pulse and many more. But then again a majority of those moves were move tutor moves in Black and White 2, so I didn't like the TMs in Black and White only.

Now as for moves, I do hope they maintain most of the current TMs and those that get removed should be with a Move tutor, but I would like to see new TMs of old and new Moves, so preferably add to the current TM list. I don't know about new moves but old moves I'd like to see are moves like Hydro Pump, Crunch, Heat Wave, Cosmic Power, Night slash and again, many more.


Feb 24, 2010
I love what they did with the TMs in Gen V and with Gen VI I'd like the next logical step taking, removal of HMs. With TMs now able to be used an infinite amount of times, any advantage HMs had were gone and now only serve as a punishment towards the player. On top of this, other than Surf and maybe Waterfall (in some games), none of them are particularly useful in battle, so being unable to remove them without getting to a certain point in the game and schlepping all the way to the HM removal is rather cruel. They've already mitigated this a bit in recent generations by making absolutely useless moves (Flash) just TMs, but it bothers me all the same.

I suppose HMs could stay just as a class of TMs that could be used out of battle (should add Dig in there for consistency's sake), but not being able to remove them has to go. From what I hear they were originally made permanent so you didn't trap yourself in a puzzle that you needed, say, Strength to both enter and leave, but I don't think it would be extraordinarily difficult to alter the game design in such a way that you would still need to HM to progress, but being trapped is impossible.

Beyond that, I think a combo system could be interesting and may help to make double and triple battles less of a gimmick and more like something to actually look forward to.


Dec 3, 2008
I would also love to see the outright removal of HMs. I liked the direction that they took them in Gen V, and I want to see this continue. I think that HMs should just become regular TMs, just like moves such as Flash have. They should still be able to be used out of battle for those special puzzles, but you shouldn't be required to have any of the "HM moves" to continue through the game. Firstly this removes the frustration of not being able to remove HMs, and also forces Gamefreak to have more interesting level and puzzle design and not rely on HM-based puzzles.
Of course, TMs should remain as they are in Gen V. Being able to use them as many times as you want is absolutely wonderful.

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