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Ocarina of Time This Game's Highlights?


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Everything about this game is a highlight.

Uhm...one noticeable thing I about when playing this game was when I was going through the Water Temple. I'm not scared; the opening scene when you first come into the temple isn't anything special. As I make my way through the temple, trying to get to the miniboss...I throw Farore's Wind out for teh lulz, and I save. Fatal Mistake. As I reload my save, I am at the beginning of the dungeon. I cast FW to get back to my waypoint...only to find it wasn't there. The Key I need to get to is in a place that I can no longer reach. What happens? I rage, and delete my save file.

What I found out: I could've easily just glitched into the Dark Link room, or better yet, glitch into Morpha's room. -.-

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