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Things That Are on Your Mind

Feb 23, 2011
My son is currently at his terrible twos!

Well, if you didn't spoil him so much, this wouldn't have happened. I told you to follow Dr. Schlongdinger's guide to parenting, but nooo. At this rate, our son is going to grow up to be a juvenile delinquent. I hate to admit, but the truth hurts...

Unfortunately, this is what's been on my mind a lot lately! Thanks, Dan! :mad:


Dark Lord Gannondorf
Aug 4, 2011
how to advance my own life further.

I ask myself, if Majoria's moon was about to crash into earth in three days, what would I want to do right now with my life?

I'm dead serous about this.


Staff member
ZD Champion
I just logged into my Japanese class and...

Luffy has an assignment for me :/ It seems like he wants to punch me in the face...... you can't even escape school bullying in online courses now apparently :P

It's not like having constant homework for every subject isn't enough...
Maths: Complete 30 problems by Monday morning.
English: Complete Section 1 of the 2005 Year 12 exam for homework by Tuesday.
Japanese: Complete Units 10 & 11 by next Friday.
Software Design and Development: Read through chapter 3 of our textbook and answer 10 questions with short responses.
Information Processes and Technology: Read through a checklist of theory work and complete it by Thursday.
Business Studies: Read through chapter 7 of our textbook and answer 5 questions by Monday.
Being a senior sucks... So that is why I am here on the internet, not doing the work. I'll do some later tonight, I swear.


Mr. Blaziken
Apr 24, 2013
Illinois, USA
I'd like to become better at spriting, but I rarely have the motivation and inspiration at the same time these days. I generally feel useless at the moment. I need sleep. And maybe a sandwich.
Aug 7, 2011
Malibu, CA
Hollie is actually worse than I am at League.

(hear that destiny, wyatt, keith, nate)


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Apr 22, 2011
My friends went out without even asking if I wanted to come along. I thought we were family..

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