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If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory


gay energy
Feb 28, 2010
New York
So um, my dad, yesterday, said something about him applying (or something) to all these colleges to be a music teacher. IF, and again, IF, he gets accepted as a teacher, I could be moving.

Of course, he reassured me that it's very unlikely that they will accept him for whatever reason, so I don't have to worry… too much. But I'm not really worrying… I'm more like, holy frick! Something COULD actually happen in my life.

The three places he said he applied were in Arizona, Washington D.C. and… Australia. No offense to people living in Australia, but I'm kind of hoping that I don't end up having to move to there. It's a little TOO far away.

I'm probably getting my hopes up a little too high… it's not that I don't like it here (I love New York), I've just lived here my entire life (and lived in this house a lot of my life) and I'm pretty attached to it… It just seems like it would be interesting to have a change. Of course I'm not ready to just be like tomorrow, "Kay guys I'm moving." I wouldn't be able to leave that easily, but the idea that I could meet new people who don't know who I used to be sounds nice.

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