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Things I May Not Do in Hyrule


Hyrulian Angel

So, we all have that little activity that we think or do in Hyrule that is apparently not allowed in Hyrule. I'm talking about playing the song of storms in the windmill cause we all know that will annoy the guy in there. It's fun but apparently the people of Hyrule doesn't appreciate it. so what do you do that's not allowed in Hyrule? Here are mine:

1. I may not scare Dark Link with my flashlight.
2. Link is not in love with Dark Link. Therefore, I will not accuse him of twincest.
3. I will also not give said Links honeymoon suite.
4. It is not necessary for me to call Ganondorf "Ganondwarf." Having not done this, I will not inquire on the well-being of Frodo.
5.Under no circumstances am I to introduce Zant to caffiene.
6. "Fishing for Ganon" is NOT an acceptable form of recreation.
7. I will not wake Dark Link with "Good morning, Miss Sunshine!" He does not find this ammusing.
8. Navi is not the reincarnation of Ganondorf.
9. Mass destroying Hyrule does not earn me a spot on "Ganondorf's favorite people list;" I will stop soon.
10. When watching Link fight Ganondorf, I will not start a betting pool on the outcome.

Add your own and be creative!


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Sep 17, 2011
Sacred Grove
DO NOTS (for link and everyone else)
attack the cucoos
activate timeshift stones in residential areas
show sinking lures
destroy the temple of time entrance, link finds it annoying to detour through the mining facility
assault Ganondorf, that is not my responsibility
interfere with the windmill's turning in kakariko
deface gravestones or enter tombs in Dampe's graveyard
go near redeads
enter a building with a burning deku stick
use deku nuts on innocent citizens
Hog the poe souls
enter the temple of time without permission
sneak into hyrule castle
combine light and darkness
give aid to twilight messengers
bring heat near the bomb shop
stand in front of rolling gorons
try to follow zoras to the lake bed
block the water from zora's domain
die in castle town, it's unsanitary
break all the pots
roll into doors instead of knocking
skydive without a loftwing

Maybe more, but i am out of ideas for now...


Destroyer of Destruction
Sep 28, 2011
Probably in my room.
1. I will not introduce the Kokiri to candy.
2. I mustn't mention the CD-i games to anyone within the Zelda universe, as this would cause a huge rip in the Fabric of Existence.
3. I cannot use "I'm friends with the Princess" as an excuse to do anything I want, whenever I want.
4. I mustn't tease Ganondorf about being the only guy of his race. That wouldn't be very nice. I mean, seriously, that would, like, lower his self-esteem and stuff.
5. No matter how much I so agonizingly wish to, I may not transform into Wolf-Form in public, as werewolves tend to frighten people.
6. I mustn't use the Master Sword as a back-scratcher. This is mostly for my own health, however.
7. I cannot do the thing that guy-dogs do in public places. This would disturb many common citizens.
8. I probably shouldn't kill Navi...Wait...Apparently, due to the opinion of the general public, this law has been repealed.
9. Releasing ReDeads from the Well as a practical joke is a big no-no.
10. Using the Triforce to wish for a sandwich is not only against the law, it's also just not right.
Jan 6, 2012
-I will not fly my Loftwing at Night
-I will not open others cupboards
-I will not look at an item without buying it when in flying shops
-I will not stand in Scrappers way
-I will not hit other peoples with the beetle
-I will not Gust below other people
-I will not eat Kikwis
-I will not interrupt a game of scream as loud as you can
-I will not use love letters as scrap paper
-I will not clean others people house for rupees
-I will not tell anyone I got 300 rupees

-I will not give light to Blind the thief
-I will not talk to women in kakariko
-I will not throw things into fairy fountains
-I will not throw rocks at polls in the dark world
-I will not attack the cuccos
-I will not put fake master swords in the forest
-I will not reveal the identity of a retired thief
-I will not use magic powder in Buzz Blobs
-I will not disturb the Toppos
-I will not let bees fight Mothula for me
-I will not sprinkle magic powder in Mad Batter altar

-I will not use the lent of truth to cheat at games
-I will not try to defeat the running man
-I will not ask the zora king to move
-I will not make infinite money by selling bugs to a man
-I will no cheat to get 100 skulltulas at Hyrule castle, even if it is to save a family from a curse
-I will not create a paradox at the windmill
-I will not split the timeline
-I will not get a cow for my house
-I will not give fishes to Jabu-Jabu
-I will not ask Kaepora Gaebora to tell me everything again

-I will not scare dogs by transforming into a Goron
-I will not use fishes as food for other fishes
-I will not wake up giant skeletons
-I will not make thieves explode
-I will not get in other peoples houses, specially if one of them turned into a Gibdo
-I will not manipulate the time to win the lottery
-I will not abuse the confusion of someone to get a reserved room
-I will not pop Tingles balloon
-I will not get some bees to attack pirates

-I will not touch Yetas Mirror
-I will not scare Hyrule Knights as a wolf
-I will not stole things from a talking bird
-I will not kill the postman
-I will not attack the Goats
-I will not cheat Gorons in sumo by using iron boots
-Now that I think about it, I will not play sumo with Gorons at all

-I will not break fancy pots
-I will not give the same bait to the fishman every time
-I will not take secret pictures
-I will not free tingle
-I will not attack the pigs
-I will not use Link as ammo
-I will not swing with Valoos tail
-I will not sell blue chu jelly
-I will not complete Nintendo Gallery
-I will not reveal the location of the triumph forks

and I am out of ideas, maybe later :P


Version 1
Apr 6, 2011
The Turnabout
(These are just WW ideas, for now...)
1. I will not walk behind Zunari's shop on Windfall Island. Doing so results in pushing and shoving.

2. I will neither attack The King of Red Lions with my sword nor shoot him with a Fire Arrow.

3. I will not save Aryll.

4. I will not spar with Old man Orca, he seems to enjoy Link's pain.
- I will also not attack him for no reason, or he will impale Link with his spear.

5. I will not encounter Goron trade gurus.

6. I will not play Niko's games.

7. I will never throw Makar or Medil into any kind of abyss or pit of lava nor use them as weapons.

8. I will break the lady's jar, cuz it's fun!

9. I will let Mila rob Zunari's shop.

10. I will not kill rats.
May 6, 2012
Hyrule Castle
If I were to follow Link around: I would keep Navi from ever entering his house, I would push him down a well, I would trip him as we ran from the fire temple boss in SS, I would push him repeatedly off the waterfall in OOT, I would call him "good boy" and pet him between the ears even when he isn't in wolf form, probably would have jumped after him if Zelda pushed him off skyloft, and I would push him and Zelsa out of the way as the castle collapses..... But that's just me.... :)


Sage of Tales
Things that Shadsie is no longer allowed to do in Hyrule (or Termina, or Labrynna, or Holodrum, etc).

Shadsie is no longer allowed to trap Navi in a bottle and demand she grow healing powers.
Shadsie shall not make fun of the castle guards' breezy short-shorts.
Shadsie is no longer allowed on castle grounds because she makes fun of the guards' breezy short-shorts.
Shadsie is not allowed to make the Thunder Dragon's skull a part of her bone collection and paint him.
Shadsie is no longer allowed to take Ancient Robots outside of Time to show them their eventual fates.
Shadsie shall not retro-fit the Sandship into a steampunk-style Sand Steamer.
Shadsie is no longer allowed to use the Rod of Seasons - for she has too much fun making random July-blizzards.
Shadsie is not allowed to challenge Gorons to games of Dance-Dance Revolution.
Shadsie is no longer allowed to moon (Termina's) moon.


May 5, 2012
I do this:

KILL the cuccos.
Make Talon mad :P
Break EVERYBODY'S pots.
And last but not least: annoy the HECK out of the guards haha :)


Do not sleep in Beele's airship then procede to buy nothing the following morning. It makes him very mad.


Twilit wildcat: Aerofelis
5.Under no circumstances am I to introduce Zant to caffiene.
Love that one.

1. I will not do anything with Groose's pompadour when he's asleep. Cut it off, dye it a different color...etc.
2. I will not suggest that Ghirahim be a makeup model. Not to his face anyway.
3. I will not write cuss words on the Knight Academy chalkboard and blame it on Pipit. He doesn't think that's very funny, but Karane says she wouldn't mind dating a "bad boy".
4. I will not throw screaming remlits at Pipit during his night patrols.
5. I will not ask Malon if her mother is a goron(Talon's reaction to the goron mask...)
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Dec 19, 2011
Moreno Valley, CA
i will not steal potions from bird merchants
i will not walk from gerudo desert to the top of death mountain in iron boots
i will not use the twirling thingy in the windmill as a treadmill
i will not look at headmaster gaepora taking a bath at night
i will not try to give Epona more carrots than i have


Red Hair Wonder
Feb 27, 2012
New Jersey, USA
_ I will not shoot/bomb Honey and Darling while playing their minigame, even if it extends the time limit.
-I will not loose more than a heart or two when I fall from tall heights
-I will not ask keapora Gaebora to carry me back to Hyrule or Kakariko village while carrying a 75 pound weight.
-I will not hide an actuall Gibdo in the closet in the Music Box House.
- I will not try to drain the water Temple
-I will not use the Dominion Rod as a baseball bat or a dog toy.
- I will not make inappropriate jokes concering the Dominion Rod
- I will not attempt to sell the Dominion Rod to Marik Ishtar, even if he can control things other that people named Steve.
- I will not attempt to break the Mirror of Twilight
_I will not attempt to bring back a Twili and call it a pet or my shadow.

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