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Things About You That Surprise Others


Sage of Tales
I think my issues might be a bit controversial. If my answers make one of the mods want to shuffle this to the forum-I-cannnot-go-to, i.e. the Mature Discussion, I'd appreciate a PM about it from said mods first so that I might come and delete my post so that doesn't happen.


I think I have surprised people on here when I've spoken of having a mental illness. I mean, I don't hallucinate or hear voices or anything - I have bipolar disorder which is just a disorder centered upon control of the emotions, but it is still one of the "more serious" things out there despite being fairly common. People here in the shoutbox have told me that I didn't seem like I was that crazy to them, that they knew other people with the condition that are far less coherent and likable than I am... or something. I do like to shoot back to people who have misconstrused thoughts about mental disorders that "crazy does not equal stupid." In fact, it's often quite the opposite... the idea of the "mad genius" exists for a reason.

On other forums, in religious debates, I've surprised people. I am kinda-sorta-loosely-Christian. I don't go to church, but I have a tendency to defend tooth-and-nail those who do becuase when I did, I knew some very wonderful people (who had ideas I might not entirely agree with anymore, but they were, on the whole, good people). Now, for some people (online), to believe in anything unscientific or unprooveable, particularly *any* defintion of the concept of "God," no matter how loose, (even a Deist or Panthiestic view), means you have no brain in your head, will fall for anything and will be easily cowed by a "superior" non-fairy-tale-believing intellect. I've come out of these debates with people who thought they could cow me giving me words of surprise at how *logical* I am. I actually was surprised at that, myself, as I do not consider myself a "rationalist" and know my own emontional-crazy (see above). In the end, I think these folks really just wanted me to come over to their "side" to which my thought is "If it happens, it will happen naturally/organically... and not now. Some hopes and silliness are stuck in my heart." In any case, I do hope I've educated, however accidently and surprising to even me, a few minds that sometimes beliefs have nothing to do with the measure of brains.

- Don't believe the common cultural myths, kids. Sometimes genuis comes with a side of crazy and crazy comes with an actual human brain.

I think my fiance' has found to his surprise that guilt-trips don't work on me. It's a common emotional appeal that people (particularly in families) do to try to get a member to hop-to and do what one wants them to do. My parents did that so much to me that I just got innurred to it. I also seem to be able to turn the "logic" of such things on their head. Guilt trips work on most people, and you'd think they'd work especially well on a highly sensitive type like me - nope. I can see them for what they are and the manipulation they try to pull and they just make me angry.

I'd say "I paint animal skulls" here, too, but I don't think that would surprise anyone here or anyone who is particularly familiar with my online life, as I'm quite forward about it and link to DA when asked.

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