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The Ultimate Zelda Game: What Would It Need?

Aug 1, 2011
Kalamazoo, MI
I just thought this would be fun. What kind of features, either from a previous game or completely original, would the ultimate Zelda game need?

I'm thinking a sort of dating sim sub-quest. You know, wooing various women in Hyrule upon your choice. It would be a good way to appease the shippers without upsetting the antis.

Unlucky Monkey

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May 17, 2011
NRW, Germany
I'm thinking a sort of dating sim sub-quest.

What :O?
Sounds like Fable.

Well, Forlong, your Thread is a bit controverse. Yes, I may be boring, but there is no chance there will be something like an Ultimate Zelda Game. Please, don't get me wrong. I'm not against your idea. But the problem is, everyone of us is an individual person. So it is impossible to satisfy everyone.

A new Zelda has to surpass the predecessor. So you could say, every new Zelda is already the ultimate Zelda ;)
For me, Twilight Princess was an awesome game. But many other fans complain about Twilight Princess. So the ultimate Zelda for you, could be a horrible game for me.

I may sound like an old grandma, but this is my opinion about this topic :)


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Jul 31, 2010
Gotham City
The last Link receiving help from previous heroes. Imagine Ganon getting so powerful that this Link has to go to the previous heroes for help. At the end of each dungeon you see a statue of one of the previous heroes and you take an item off their statue. Example, you see the Hero of Time and you take the Ocarina of Time from his statue and then the Hero of Time appears and teaches you a song. That would be epic. And in the end, when he's controlling winds, rewinding time, splitting into fours, etc.(almost as if Link has powers) he will be called the Hero of Heroes.
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the over analysing guy
Aug 17, 2011
South Wales
I think it needs a mix of everything to be perfect, the sidequest quality of majora's mask, the raw memorableness of Ocarina of Time, the sheer content of twilight princess.


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Jul 6, 2011
Absolute unit
The ultimate Zelda game would involve Ganon Getting so powerful that the three goddesses must be called down to team up with link and stop him. It would also contain Amazing quality voice acting except for link who would stay silent. Also it must have cutscenes as high quality as FF13. It would also need to be the largest zelda game yet with huge cities and overworld with tons to explore and people to talk to.


Piper of Time
Aug 11, 2011
The Lost Woods
1. Intricate and Invigorating Dungeons/Temples and Items. (Twilight Princess did this well)
2. A Really Good Story. Perhaps with a third side, instead of just Link's side and Ganondorf's side. That would end in a type of triple threat boss battle followed by two one-on-one battles. It would be deep though, and dense.
3. Plenty of fun and exciting mini games, like Bomb Bowling.
4. A Bank. (Majora's Mask)
5. Important Side Characters, like in Majora's Mask.


state alchemist
Jun 13, 2011
at the very end, a stronger ganon(dorf) than ever before gets ressurected and runs off which leaves you hyped for a sequel
Sep 1, 2010
1. Incredible dungeon design. Level design that blows Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Portal 2 out of the water. No, seriously. The dungeons are a big focal point of every game, and, in my opinion, would make or break the ultimate Zelda game.

2. Perfect graphics. HD graphics, to be more specific. I know some fans would cringe, but that Wii U demo made my eyes water with excitement! Just imagine what the future of Zelda could hold thanks to the power of the Wii U!

3. Terrific story. The plot is central to an ultimate Zelda game. I like the idea that another user said about bringing back past friends and foes, and this would certainly be awesome, but I want Nintendo to be as creative as possible, and unleash the big guns when it comes to plot.

4. Side quests. Side quests, side quests, side quests. I can't stress the importance of side quests enough in Zelda. One look at Majora's Mask shows that it's chock-full of side quests, and the ultimate Zelda game could learn a thing or two from MM, and really extend its replay value.

5. FULLY orchestrated soundtrack. Emphasis on the word "fully". Nintendo never really commits when it comes to a "fully" orchestrated soundtrack. The ultimate Zelda game can redress that, and imagine what sounds can be produced in this game!

6. Last, but not least...........voice acting. Voice acting would really spread this apart from previous games, and it can be considered "ultimate" once it fixes this one problem.

Geez...now I'm all excited!! :)
Jul 22, 2011
what i think is that they should not make guides for zelda games i mean they should make guides but i think we should go to the guide at the last possable situation i think you should go to it if you are stumpted for like a month or so like if you stumped on the same part that what i mean going to guides for the last possable situation that what i would think but i strongly dont use guides for zelda games


It would be a 2.5D links awakening, Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask and Twilight Princess hybrid!

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