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The Toughest Zelda Dungeon

Oct 5, 2010
Guys what do you think the toughest Zelda dungeon is? I think it was the water temple from Ocarina Of Time. Gosh, that temple was hard, there was a door in every direction, and if you got a key and unlocked the wrong door you had to reset the whole game! Doesn't that suck? And also you had to raise and lower the water level. there was ether 3 or 4 levels of water I think, I don't really remember though.So that is really what I think is the toughest zelda dungeon. But I want you guys to tell me what you think is the toughest zelda dungeon, so tell me! bye! :)
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Sep 6, 2010
I Have to Say Whether The Water Temple From Ocarina Of Time , Ganon's Tower From A Link To The Past , Or Death Mountain From The Legend Of Zelda...

The Water Temple (OoT)

Where do i start ? First of all , it's all over the place . But If You Get The Wrong Key , You Don't Have To Reset The Game , Or Atleast That I Know Of :suspicious: . But It Was A Very Hard Dungeon .

Ganon's Tower (Alttp)

This is a very hard dungeon , it is long , confusing , hard , long , clever , did i mention Long ?

Death Mountain (LoZ)
This DUngeon Was Big , that all....:cry:

Random Person

Just Some Random Person
Feb 6, 2010
Not counting AoL I'd say Ganon's Tower from ALttP.
That temple was a beast and you had to fight so many things AND survive an encounter with the king of evil himself.

Hylian Knight

Green Armored Menace
Sep 28, 2010
The Whole AoL game. Other than that the Water Temple and most games LoZ games their is no such as opening a wrong door you just find another Small Key from somewhere else. The SnowPeak Ruins was difficult for the 1st time I played TP and the Cave or Ordeal and Salvage CAve then those are #1

Cel-Shaded Deku

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Jul 24, 2010
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The Water Temple isn't really hard in my opinion, just annoying.

All of the dungeons in AoL should be banned from this thread because the whole game is hard.

Besides AoL I'd say the Stone Tower Temple is the hardest. I thought all four of the dungeons of that game were difficult enough to make up for the lack of dungeons. Even today I die at least once in the Woodfall Temple even if use glitches and event skipping to get extra hearts. In Stone Tower you flip the place upside down! Knowing that if you fall Link could very well end up in outer space is... well... I'm not sure how to describe it. An I like to get 100% which means I had to find all of the stray fairies. Try doing that without using Zelda Dungeon's guide to find out what I mean.

Maybe Jabu Jabu's Belly is the hardest. It's not really difficult but... your in a fish's freakin' stomach! And every time you slash the walls blood spurts out! Thinking too hard about it makes it hard to stomach the trip.


I am a Person of Interest
Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
I'll state what I thought was the toughest dungeon from each game.

Legend of Zelda - Death Mountain (Level 9) - This place was big, confusing, had many returning bosses, and you had to place a lot of random bombs.

Adventure of Link - Great Palace - I haven't gotten a chance to play AoL myself, but this is what I commonly see as the hardest dungeon in AoL.

A Link to the Past – Ganon’s Tower – This dungeon was twice the size of the regular dungeons in ALttP, had three returning bosses, many hard enemies, and a decently tough boss fight.

Link’s Awakening – Turtle Rock – This dungeon was bigger compared to the other ones, had several mini-bosses, and many good puzzles.

Ocarina of Time – Water Temple – Commonly accepted, but I thought that the switching of the water level several times was confusing.

Majora’s Mask – Stone Tower Temple – This dungeon was hard as it made use of all the transformation masks instead of focusing on one, like the other dungeons.

Oracle of Seasons - Explorer’s Crypt – It was bigger than the other dungeons, including the final dungeon, and the several floors component in it made it confusing.

Oracle of Ages – Jabu-Jabu’s Belly – This dungeon took me ages. The different water levels and good puzzles in this dungeon made it hard.

The Wind Waker – Wind Temple – I didn’t find any of the dungeons in this game to be hard, but this would be the one I choose, just because I thought the puzzle were a bit harder than in other dungeons in this game.

The Minish Cap – Palace of the Winds – This dungeon was huge! I thought it was over when I first opened the boss door, but it wasn’t a boss door! It also contained harder enemies, and a pretty hard boss fight. I also liked the interactions between the first and second part of the dungeons (like pressing a switch to make a key fall in the first part, then collecting the key in the second part), which nearly made me forget to collect the key!

Twilight Princess – City in the Sky – The Lakebed Temple came close, but this was harder for me, because of its several floors, which made it confusing.

I haven’t played Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks either.
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Majora's Cat

How about that
Sep 3, 2010
Ahahah... I love this. Where to start?

Water Temple (OoT)

Of course, the Water Temple. I actually found it to be quite enjoyable. There was a strange atmosphere about the dungeon - the Water Temple just felt so mysterious. I loved the concept of changing the water level in the dungeon - that's also what made it so difficult. It was the longest temple in OoT - it took me nearly two times as long to complete as the other dungeons. The middle boss introduced a new version of Dark Link... one that copied your every move. I loved the middle and final bosses, even if they were a little bit easy. The design was just great - a large central room and several maze-like pathways in every direction. Everything looked so similar that many gamers would get lost within the Water Temple's confines. I know that I did. :xd:

Stone Tower Temple (MM)

Wow. That's all I can say. Not only was the Stone Tower Temple very difficult and painfully long... but it also included large outdoor areas and required the use of all transformation masks you'd attained thus far. The music was amazing - the atmosphere was amazing - the climb to the dungeon itself was amazing... heck, what wasn't amazing? The fact that the dungeon had to be flipped upside-down made it all the more difficult. Solving puzzles often required doing a certain thing in the temple while it's rightside-up, then flipping it upside-down and completing the puzzle. The Stone Tower Temple had an amazing atmosphere - it really felt like you were in some ancient tower in the middle of a strange, desolate valley. But trudging through the main dungeon wasn't nearly as hard as collecting all 15 stray fairies. These were the hardest parts of the dungeon, and collecting all 15 required you to make absolutely no mistakes - it was quite a chore, but in the end it was worth it when you received the Great Fairy Sword.

Lakebed Temple (TP)

Ahh, the Lakebed Temple. When I first entered the temple, I was stunned by its architecture. The Lakebed Temple is perhaps the most graphically impressive Zelda dungeon ever and its level design exceeded that of the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. I was just blown away by every aspect of the dungeon. Like the Water Temple, the Lakebed Temple focused on raising the water level and draining the water to solve puzzles and gain keys. The problem was if you missed a single chain... you had to backtrack all the way back to the place you missed. The Lakebed Temple seemed promising, as TP really lacked difficult dungeons. That hope died away soon as Arbiter's Grounds, Snowpeak Ruins, Temple of Time and the Palace of Twilight really didn't have a high level of difficulty.

Wind Temple (WW)

Oh, wow... this place. The Wind Temple could be considered somewhat similar to the three dungeons already listed above - it was complex, had multiple floors (with the exception of the Stone Tower Temple), and focused on one huge main room. The Wind Temple could be the single biggest temple in Zelda history - don't get me wrong... the Wind Temple is just massive. The whole idea of the Wind Temple was to turn on the giant fan in the middle of the room to propel yourself to different rooms. The core of the experience was trial and error... as well as climbing the humongous temple with the Deku Leaf and Hookshot. The puzzles were sometimes outrageously hard, and much like the Water Temple... the Wind Temple felt like somewhat of a maze. It was fun, though - no doubt about it. The entire dungeon had an earthy tone to it and the music really set the mood.

Ganon's Tower (ALttP)

I think enough people have this dungeon on their lists. The dungeon was just a huge trial - revisiting bosses and trudging through a dungeon three times the size and length of a normal one. Ganon's Tower challenged the skills of a true gamer, and only the strong would pull through. Even though ALttP was already very difficult, Ganon's Tower brought the term "difficult" to a whole new level. There wasn't really anything special about it, though. The only problem was that the dungeon was ridiculously long - so long that even accomplished gamers wouldn't be able to last without dying at least once. I'd like to the think of it was a super-dungeon at the end of the game that throws everything the game has to offer right in your face.

All dungeons in AoL

Seriously? From what I've heard, AoL is just a beast of a game. All the dungeons are equally hard and could drive Zelda n00bs to tears.


Jul 26, 2010
It may be that I played Ocarina of Time quit recently or it could be that my memory is foggy from some of my younger child hood games, but yes, Water Temple was utterly hard for me.

When I first was given the game is was preused and the last user had saved it up to the water temple. Back then we didn't have a computer so I was pretty much uttersly on my own. I did however think it was a shame the persoon never beat the game, moving on, I started up my own file, got to the water temple and was completely confused. It was like over load for my small seven yearold brain. It was the doors and the keys that messed me up so much. I couldn't figure out how to get all those keys for all those doors. And the separate rooms, I had to revisit constantly because I was always missing things.

Eventually I went onto the other persons file and sorted myself out, eventually beating the game with the name 'Foker' instead of Link, much to my dissapointment.

Part of the reason it was so hard for me to figure out is because I kept getting frustruated and walking away, forgetting what I was doing and thus missing things and getting lost.
i found the face shrine in LA kind of confusing, maybe its just the fact that im not very good at the handheld games, i get confused easy...In TP I found the Lakebed temple a bit confusing, the other ones were a snap though, in Oot i wouldn't say any of them were hard, they were all very easy for me, in Majora's Mask hands down, it is the Stone Tower Temple, very well made dungeon, but SO confusing...


I am a Person of Interest
Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
@ Majora's Cat
I beg to differ. The Wind Temple was actually pretty small. It might be big compared to the other dungeons in the game, but other dungeons like City in the Sky, Stone Tower Temple, Snowhead Temple, Temple of Time (TP), etc. were bigger than that.


Oct 4, 2010
Well Lakebed Temple was definitely hard for me in TP. I just started working on the Water Temple in OoT, but I had to check the walkthrough here because I had no clue where to go. Locks...locks...so many locks....>.<


The Dutch Kusagari
Oct 17, 2007
The Netherlands
One of the toughest dungeons is the Palace of Winds in MC. The dungeon is enormous and at almost any place you can fall of the platform. Another thing that makes this dungeon so hard is the jumps. Some jumps have to be timed perfectly, otherwise you miss the platform and lose life. I still haven't found the first warp tile so that I can skip a large part of the dungeon, but getting to the location of the warp tile is such a challenge that it will probably take me some more hours. After the horrible dungeon, there is also one of the most difficult bosses of the game, who also requires timed jumps. Overall one of the most difficult and annoying dungeons.

Another dungeon I found difficult is the Stone Tower Temple in MM. I don't know how many times I had to check the ZD walkthrough because I was completely stuck, but I'm pretty sure it was a lot. All the twisting around the dungeon made it so confusing.

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