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The Spinner!

Feb 27, 2009
Okay... This was so a need post! The spinner was by far my favorite item. The spinner was like the funnest item to have, you could use it almost anywhere, it was an item that was not really used as much as I would have liked, but it was still the best, in my mind. The only thing I would have changed with it would have been the fact that it was not used as much as I would have liked. But enough of what I think... What do you think of the spinner?


The Spinner, in my opinion, was one of the best thought out concepts for the game, and by far the best "new" weapon. So much could be done with it. Riding the rails to get to new places having it incorporated in puzzle solving was good stuff. The boss battle that incorporates it is the best boss battle in the game, a fantastic quick paced Zelda pinball, of sorts. So much fun. I'd save just before the battle and restart to beat Stallord multiple times.


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Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I wish I had created a save point on a different file just to be able to play the Stallord battle again and again and again only for the spinner aspect. It was great fun to use, and it really felt great. Unfortunately there wasn't much to do with it beyond the Arbiter's Grounds other than a quick ride in Hyrule Field and a somewhat tacked on City in the Sky gear use.

I'd love to see it come back again in exactly the same way with more use. I think it's got potential to be used again as long as the puzzles are clever enough. Really, it doesn't even have to be an item, but it could be a fixture within a dungeon and I'd be happy!


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Jun 2, 2009
I think the Spinner was a neat little gizmo that the developers made. I loved how the item was implemented in the Arbiter's Grounds dungeon's boss battle. That was epic! :D

(Another reason why I like the Spinner is because it reminds me of something from one of my favorite anime shows. :xd: )

But like one other person on here I believe already said, I wish that it could've been used a lot more outside of that dungeon that just to get one or two heart pieces and such. It would've been nice had the developers put in some more ways to use the Spinner instead of just the ways that they have in the game now. *sigh*
Nov 26, 2008
The Spinner was very strange, I have to say. It was an odd item with an odd function. I never expected to see Link ride on a spinning top. But that's not to say it wasn't a good idea.

I really liked the Spinner. I thought it sounded weird as hell when I first read about it, but upon playing the game I came to like it quite a lot.

But yeah, I have serious issues with it's implementation. Outside of Arbiter's Grounds, it was only used a handful of times, none of which were creative or fun. In Arbiter's Grounds, there were tricky rooms with sand and tracks all over for you to use the Spinner to navigate. There were networks of tracks you'd have to navigate and jump between; it was all very fun for me.

But that was such a short portion of the game, and after that, practically nothing. :(
Oct 20, 2008
I thought the Spinner was an interesting and unique idea for an item, and I quite liked it. Especially when fighting Stallord, I found that to be pretty fun and a nice change.

If the item were more useful and practical outside of Arbiter's Grounds, then it probably would have been a favourite item of mine. But, like the Dominion Rod, it was only occasionally useful.


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Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
I really enjoyed the Spinner, it was one of my favorite item in the whole Zelda series. Finally Link has some plenty new items to use. The 3 new ones'; Dominion Rod, Ball and Chain and of course the Spinner. Unfortunately the spinner was only a important use in the Arbiters Grounds. The fight against Stall Lord with this thing was really epic. Also the rides with the ''spikey barrel'' things are fun to do. I wish there was plenty more to do with the Spinner. Yeah, we had also some things in City of The Sky but those were only gears not a whole ride with it though.

On the Hyrule field were places were you had to use the spinner, i really love that but it was better to use it more in other Dungeons. I hope it will return in the new Zelda, and i really hope to use it a lot more than one Dungeon.


Horizon Walker
Aug 3, 2009
The spinner was my second favorite item in TP. It was an extremely creative item, I only wish it had been used more often in the game.

I spent quite a while inside the Arbiters Grounds just playing around on the spinner, it was definately a unique item. I was also thrilled to find spinner groves in Hyrule Field. Unfortuanely after that I was looking everywhere for them, I searched for spinner groves for hours... @[email protected]

The Stallord boss fight was extremely fun, I only wish he had more health so you could keep fighting for a while longer. Even after the fight, I like to ride up and down the big column in the exit room.

Oddly enough, it took me awhile to notice that Link spins around slowly while he is on the spinner, that is, slower than the spinner actually spins anyway. I thought that was a nice detail. I also liked how you could use the spinner to activate old machines, and I was happy to see some of the spinner activated machines in the City in the Sky dungeon as well as the Arbiters Grounds.

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May 24, 2009
Broken bridge on Death moutian
The spinner was by far the funnest wepon of the game but yet lacked any porpuse but to fight stallord, I would use it non-stop if you could throw it like a boomerang, stunning, possibly killing the enemy and then coming back to you to use it again would be great, but were talking about what IS. The concept for the spinner ws amazing yet it lacked a purpose.


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Sep 19, 2009
Ganon's Tower
The Spinner was very fun at times. Again I state like all of you, It did lack use in it's capability! Very little uses for it, such as beating Sallord, collecting a couple hearts, and finally a way into Ganon's battlefield! (Ganon's room)
Jun 16, 2008
New York, US
The Spinner was definitely an interesting item. Riding it on rails all over the place in the Arbiter's Grounds was fun, and even though there weren't many, it was nice finding a few spinner rails outside of the dungeon. I seems to recall there being some in the Sacred Grove, as well as one rail in the Cave of Ordeals. But yes, it definitely wasn't used as often as it should have been. Hopefully it will make a return in the new Wii Zelda.


Sage of Tales
I actually didn't like the Spinner too well. Riding the rails was fun if you could hit them in the right place, the right way. It was only useful for riding over the sand for a short space.

I would have had a lot more fun with the Spinner if it's "juice" lasted longer. It petered out too quickly, which rendered it's enemy-killing abilities fairly impractical. It could have gotten a lot more use if it's non-rail-dependant spin lasted a good, long time, rather than just a few seconds.


The one with pickles
Jul 1, 2009
I actually didn't like the spinner that much. I prefer the Ball and Chain over all items and weapons. The Ball and chain was My favorite Because It provides hours of fun,(That sounded like advertisement) It Can knock down a whole crowd of Bulbins at once, and Of course its shiny:3


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Oct 4, 2009
The spinner looked fun at first. You gotta admit, riding that baby in the Arbiters grounds was fun! But after the temple, it was useless and it's only for a one dungeon use.

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