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The Quest To Defeat The Evil One SU


You're meeting all of my standards!
May 24, 2015
The Underground
Hello, everyone! Yes, I am back! I thought, "Hmm...the perfect way to come back with a bang is a new RP!" At first I thought, "I SHALL MAKE IT ABOUT PEANUT BUTTER!" then my little buggy brain came up with this:

Pikachu's evil twin, Pikamoo, has taken over Hyrule! But, the resistance is ready to fight him! But, before they can come up with a good plan a strange blonde, from the past...or the future, who looks like this:
comes and says that they shouldn't fight Pikamoo (A. K. A. The Evil One). Will the resistance listen to the strange blonde who calls herself Zelda? Will the resistance fight The Evil One? Who knows!

Okay, so, that's the story. If this is too weird just tell me. I'm open to changing it. It's sort of supposed to be like a parallel universe in which Zelda doesn't exist but I guess...Link does? Maybe it's like that Dr. Who episode? Anyway, character sheets must look like this (note; this is an example):
Name; Sia
Race; Deku Scrub
Personality; Cute, bubbly, has anger issues
Gender; Female
Family; None
Romantic Interest; None yet
Attack; Shooting herself into her enemy and epicly failing
Bio; Sia is a bubbly little Deku Scrub who is always trying to fight but completely failing. She's only invaluable because she knows all the latest gossip, the latest news, and everything in-between.

Yes, there is a romance component. I dunno if it will ever actually happen, I just thought it might be good to have there. You know, add a little drama to the whole thing.

-No OP characters
-No inappropriate images
-Nothing inappropriate
-Don't be racist, sexist, all that stuff
-Don't swear...too much

Okay, aaaaaaand GO!

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