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The Oocca and the City in The Sky

Do you think there will be Ooccas in SS?

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Jun 22, 2011
Not really. If we examine Orcarina of Time we can see two timelines. Skyloft are the event before OOT. In the Adult Timeline after OOT Zelda and Hyrule move on without Link(sent back to a child life). Then in Wind Waker we learn OLD Hyrule was flooded. Form the next two games (on GBA/DS) we know that Zelda and his pirate friend set out to a NEW Hyrule. This is Possibly where Twilight Princess takes place. So City in the sky is in New Hyrule and Skyloft is in the old Hyrule still flooded. People were hinting at a Sky Temple years ago. I remember reading a walkthrough for OOT where a guy made the joke "this is where you can get the golden wings for Epona and fly to the secret sky temple." I think once SS come out it might clear a few timeline issues up. Who knows I may be wrong.

Actually TP takes place in the child timeline, while WW in the adult one, so TP Hyrule hasn't been flooded. TP comes after MM, therefore, child timeline and WW comes on the adult timeline as it is stated on the opening, telling the story of how adult Link defeated Ganon, but didn't return on the second time he apeared (because he came back to the past and went to Termina)

I think that the City in the Sky is a little hint about SS. In TP Shad (that scholar guy who was part of the resistance) talked about ancient people from the Sky that came down and founded Hyrule. When Link finds that cannon that takes him to the city in the Sky, Fyer told him that that cannon was ancient technology (made from the people from Skyloft, pherhaps?). I think we'll have to wait untill SS comes out to know more, but I also think that TP was already setting grounds for the upcoming game.


Not the marshmallow
Sep 2, 2010
Windfall Island
It doesn't seem very likely to me. When I was playing the City in the Sky it seemed like the technology there was more advanced than below in Hyrule. I'd say no, unless when the oocca moved in as the hylians went to the world below, the oocca made skyloft much more advanced.
Although, I was thinking you see Skyloft somewhere else in TP. You know, when you do the Howling Stone thing, then find the golden wolf to learn a skill from that skeleton guy? (Is he the Hero's Shade?) Maybe that land you go up to is Skyloft.


state alchemist
Jun 13, 2011
i think the oocca are an evolved people who were awed by the fact that there were people living on a giant, floating land mass so they created thier city in the sky. either that or evolved skyloftians who weren't ready to leave the sky even though the magic holding up the floating land has died (just a guess). with this theory i'd say the skyloftians are the first hylians of hyrule. but anyways, i believe the oocca are an evoled species and are not in the game. nintendo rarely brings back new species after all, just look at the ruto, anoki and yeti species from PH.


The Unknown
Jun 19, 2011
Okay, I'm sure that everyone is mega excited for the arrival of Skyward Sword, am I right :)? Anyways, I recently finished Twilight Princess (don't hate, it's an awesome game), and the Oocca sort of caught my attention especially after learning about Skyloft. I think it's unlikely, but do you guys think there'll be Ooccas in Skyward Sword?
Nov 22, 2010
Twisted Tea Cafe
The Oocca originated from the heavens if I can remember... They are the creatures that created Lake Hylia. (Sorry it has been a long time since I have played Tp). Throughout Tp they give you many hints of Skyloft and I think that the Oocca may play a part in the game. (Probably adding more information on the dominion rod and the messenger from the heavens). Since Ss is sky related I believe there will be Oocca probably roaming around in Skyloft or maybe in Hyrule. I do think maybe in Hyrule because I had read an article a couple months ago on this site, and somebody said something about the Oocca making their way into skyloft because there was danger in Hyrule or something like that. (I need a refresher... it has been a long time since I had read that article). XD Other then that my vote was yes! totally they have to be in it! :D
Feb 23, 2011


The Other Side
Jul 4, 2011
Skyloft, yo!
Hmm, I doubt it. From what we know so far of the plot, it doesn't seem like they'd fit in completely. It'd feel too out of context, like they were just thrown in there because they allude to the sky. I think (and hope) that we will see them in a separate game, one that also covers the story of the messenger from the heavens. Skyward Sword is already covering the origins of the Master Sword and is alluding to events in Ocarina of Time. Shoving too much stuff into SS just to make connections (like the Oocca) wouldn't sit well with me.


Jan 19, 2011
Wasn't there something in Twilight Princess about the creation of the city in the sky? Something about creating a capital in the sky? I don't know were to find the quote, but I'm pretty sure that it confirmes that the city in the sky is created after Hyrule is founded, wich I think is agreed hasn't happened in Skyward Sword.


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Jul 6, 2011
Absolute unit
Skyloft has a soil base and appears to float by magical means and city in the sky is purely brick and other building material and is kept in place by propellers so there is no way they can be the same.

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