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Ocarina of Time The Mysterious Cow


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
The big one is that random cow in Impas house in Kakariko.

Yeah — everyone should know this, helpful. I think that's why he's down there in the first place - he is there to help others who fall victim to that particular hole. Although the cow has nothing to eat in the hole, he lives on... For the sake of your survival. Keep him company! It's all he wants!

I think there was some grass, and maybe a fish... I dunno.


Well, if you want to get ridiculous, the cow could possibly be for sacrifice to Volvagia to keep him from awakening. The gorons probably just leave it up there until its time to perform the ritual. =P
Apr 23, 2010
I would side 25% with the humorous placement of the cow, but 75% with those who say it's for replenishing life.

However, I think the incorporation of the cow does have an extended meaning or at least a connection. Think about it, cows in random places in OoT. It hit me right away (not that it's some huge mystery to be solved), but don't you ever wonder what might've happened to the cows in MM? It's an alternate dimension from Hyrule, which means it could be a foreshadowing of random cow placement! In Hyrule, you've got an inexplicable assortment of lon lon milk. And in Termina you've got the explanation!

It makes sense when you think about the two in parallels. Only for the sake of amusing anecdotes, of course.


Pokalink the avaricious
Feb 5, 2012
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One day a boy with sword disrupted the balance of all humanity causing a herd of cows to move from the vicinity, and have there lives forever changed. Over the course of many years or evern decades the cows slowy died of leaving one cow, after all the cow had been through it didnt know if it could go on, but it did, only because she was pregnate. Finaly after such a waiting she arrived at death mountin, she found a cave in wich she gave birth to a young cow, after time the cow grew up, the mother was proud and before she passed away she told her child to help those in need, the cow lived in that cave eating and thriving in harmony with the fish, until one day a young boy stumbled upon her cave...


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Dec 19, 2011
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If you play the Epona's Song, it'll even talk to you! And give heart- replenishing Lon Lon milk!- for FREEEE'EE'EEE!! IT'SMAGICALCOWOFMAGICALHEARTREPLENISHINGHEARTS!! So yeah, pretty much this, but how it ended up there, no idea. Maybe it was going to visit Gorons and got scared by Dodongos, and aimlessly ran to the hole, and never got up! ZOMG, mystery explained!

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