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The Master Sword, the Magic Sword?

Aug 16, 2017
I realize this is super late, but the subject came up due to this: https://zeldauniverse.net/wp-conten...of-the-wild-official-wallpaper-passing-on.png

The Magical Sword is a sword which contains Magic and shoots beam copies of itself. The Master Sword is an ANTI-Magic sword, which only sends magical energy because the power of the wielder is channeled and surrounds the sword and is reflected by the sword, creating a violent effect which is then shot away in rejection.

Magical Sword - contains magic
Master Sword - rejects magic

I don't care what cannon or non cannon art there is. Those are the descriptions of the swords, so they are obviously not the same sword. Therefore, it makes no sense to have an image of Original Link passing on the Master Sword to the new Link. Though the image is awesome, the "original" link from LoZ never possessed the Master Sword.

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