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General Zelda The Legend of Disney: Tangled Sword

So, this thread is in good faith in regards to how much Skyward Sword reminded me of a Disney film.

Thinking on it a little bit more though, there are few parallels with Disney/Pixar and Zelda; a lot of Disney/Pixar films use different art-styles as does Zelda and all usually tell the same story with a few twists...

So, cast your eyes over the back catalogue of Disney/Pixar films and answer this question;

Which disney/Pixar art-style would you like to see for a future Zelda game?

Would you like a game which looked like Tangled which shares a little bit of aesthetic appeal with Wind Waker with the big eyes of the characters and their cherub-like faces?

Would you prefer something more akin to the Incredibles, with a wide range of character forms and models?

Or perhaps even Up with the funny yet cute character design?


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
Give me Toy Story/Pixar typical stuff. I love it all; it looks real and fake at the same time. It just evokes so many emotions out of me. <3
Feb 2, 2013
I think they should use the body range of The Incredibles but the graphics of Tangled (just going off your examples)
But i also think the animation style in How to Train Your Dragon was pretty awesome, so i think that would also be a cool twist to the Zelda game art

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