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The Laundry


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Jan 31, 2010
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So let's talk about the laundry here. Are you doing your own laundry or does someone else do it for you? Do you take them to a laundromat? I never used that one before in my entire life and my mother always used to do the laundry. But of course now I'm doing it myself.
So do your parents tell you to do it or is it just no question about who is doing it?

And do you seperate your dirty laundry?

Lord Vain

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Nov 29, 2011
Oh, here's a thread I can respond to, hahah. Every weekend I do the laundry for my entire family, have been doing it for years now, and while at first I found the whole separating loads thing to be tedious I eventually just got used to it. I live in a basement and the laundry room is down there as well, so usually I'll be here on Wii U all day while doing the laundry, it works.
Feb 7, 2012
I do the laundry for my family most of the time. Otherwise if I don't it doesn't get done :P


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May 26, 2010
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To be honest I do my own laundry however I don't separate clothes often; I put dirty clothes in dirty clothes basket and my clean clothes are on hangers or in the drawer where they belong. In addition to that no one else does their laundry, just waiting for it to get done. It's a shame really, a harsh predicament for the family at times because the laundry room gets so freaking full! :(


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Dec 17, 2012
I do three loads normally - Colors (half-dry, then hang on a rack), Colors (full-dry), and Whites. Bedding every other week, non-bleachable towels separated once per month so I can bleach the whites.


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Jun 15, 2012
London, United Kingdom
When I lived away from home for a while, I did my own laundry. It was annoying though because there were only 3 washing machines for the whole building, and 4 dryers. I don't tend to separate whites and colours unless I know something runs and/or it's the first time a new pair of jeans is being washed for example. But now I'm back home, my mum does the laundry, and we don't have a dryer, we have a washing line in the garden (the clothes smell like roses when they come back in though)


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Jun 18, 2011
One of the conditions my parents had for me to move out at 16 was that I learn to do my own laundry, lol. I've never had to go to a laundromat thankfully. I've either rented a washing machine, or it's been provided with the place I've rented, and when I bought my place last year, one of the first things I did was to find myself a really good deal on a washer and dryer :P

I separate into towels, sheets and clothes (mom taught me to separate clothes into lights and darks, but I don't really own that many clothes that aren't dark, hence not much sorting there, lol.


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Nov 12, 2007
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I do my own laundry, and my boyfriend's. I tend to do the washing whenever it starts to pile up, or, whenever I suddenly want a certain outfit and need to wash it, and will just do it all then. I do whites, darks, colours, and delicates. Those are the different loads I do. The boyfriend does it sometimes but, rarely. But he does at least iron his own stuff now.
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
I usually do my own laundry, aside from the few times that my father throws my clothes in the dryer to make room to wash his clothes. I usually wash the towels too.


Jun 20, 2011
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I do my own laundry. Although to other people it may seem a hassel, i actually dont mind doing it. i wash my clothes, towels, and rags. after they get done washing and drying i usually fold them and put them up if i feel like it.


Nov 9, 2010
Until recently my mom had been doing it for me. She'd always do it on Saturday mornings though, so at 8:00 I'd be woken up by her knocking on my door, demanding my laundry :lol: Finally I decided my Saturday mornings weren't worth the free labor so I started to do it myself. I'm glad I did cause its really not much of a hassle. The hardest part is actually remembering to do it.


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Jan 29, 2011
I do my own laundry and have been doing it since I was about 7. =D And actually I used to separate my laundry (when my dad was in charge of making sure we did our laundry) but for about four years now I haven't cared unless the tag specifically says to, or if it's a new piece of clothing (I'll wash it with it's own colors the first time). And only when our washer was broken did we go to the Laundromat.

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Dec 2, 2012
It has actually been a while since I did my own laundry. Whenever I get a chance to, I do it myself, but my Grandma has been beating me to it (doing it while I'm at school, damn ninja!). When/if I do do it, I do not separate my clothes. I find it too much of a hassle, especially when I only own one light shirt (it's white... All my other shirts are black :P)


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Dec 14, 2011
I do my own laundry and only do it when it gets full (which is about once a month cuz I have little clothing and no life and blah blah blah). I don't really separate them unless there's towels and/or bedding involved, mainly because I have all colored clothing. Nothing needs bleach or "special care". I live right above my apartments laundry area, but I've only done my laundry there like three times cuz it's expensive as hell and I'd rather just go to my moms to do it instead.

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