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General Zelda The Game You've Never Played

Nov 13, 2012
All of them, including spin-offs and non-canonical titles, I'm not called the 'Premier Zelda Aficionado of the Ocean' for nothing.


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I actually haven't played Four Swords... am I missing out? Should I play it?

Missing out? Nah. Unless you have some buddies that like Zelda and are willing to play it... However, if you haven't played it, I assume you missed out on the eShop download. So good luck trying to find original hardware to play it. :bleh: Though I don't think it's worth the trouble. I can give you a description of the game if you like. The only really good thing about it is that the stages (levels, dungeons, whatever you wanna call them) are random each time you play through them.

And as for games that I haven't played:

I have MM (GC collector's disc), TWW and FSA on an emulator (Dolphin), though I haven't played them much yet. The collector's disc also has AOL and LOZ, but for some reason they don't wanna work properly. :(


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Jan 16, 2013
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I'd get out there and play LOZ. Its a classic game like no other, and the simplistic difficulty and charm of the game are more entertaining than all the God of War of Halo in the world.
Oct 16, 2011
I am proud to say I have played every one. Even FSA and the original FS though I did not finish FS cause realy it was boring after a few levels and I never fot around to playing it with someone again. Since I finally got OoA I haven't found/made the time to play it beyond getting to the first dungeon. Zelda II along with my collectors disk is on loan so I'm not finishing that anytime soon lol. FSA is likely my least favourite console game as it too get very boring. Rupies withoute end and without anything to spend them on isn't much fun to me. Nothing is ever collected. :(

Unless you like touch games do not feel bad about missing the ds zeldas
Mar 28, 2013
I haven't played Spirit Tracks, and I still have not found the time to accomplish everything in Skyward Sword and Phantom Hourglass.

But yes, I have played and beat every Zelda except for Spirit Tracks.


Oct 24, 2012
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I can honestly say I own every Zelda game, just not all for their original systems. I even own multiple copies of some Zelda games, such as TLoZ on both Collectors Edition and Classic NES series and OoT on both Collectors Edition and the GCN Master Quest re-release. I have ALttP on GBA (Four Swords re-release), both original carts of the Oracle series for GBC, Link's Awakening DX re-release for GBC, Zelda II on Collectors Edition and Console Classix emulator, and all other Zelda games for their original systems (except Majora's Mask on Collectors Edition).

No, I don't have the CDi games. Those don't count. It's not difficult to find LoZ titles. Nintendo re-releases them so frequently there's always some version readily available (Oracle games are an exception) unless you really want one of the older games for its original system.
Mar 3, 2013
Renton WA
I have never played:
Oracle of Ages
Four Swords

I began a quest about a month ago to complete every Zelda game, so these games will be played soon!


Apr 29, 2011
I don't
I've played all the main series games so far. I haven't touched the CD-i games yet, but I'm really interested. They look so narmy(TVTropes FTW). I also haven't played any thing Tingle related, because I hate Tingle. Also I can't say that I've played anything Japan exclusive. Ohwellz....
Nov 24, 2012
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I haven't played Spirit Tracks, and I still have not found the time to accomplish everything in Skyward Sword and Phantom Hourglass.

But yes, I have played and beat every Zelda except for Spirit Tracks.

So many people haven't played Spirit Tracks... It makes me feel the need to cry for them... :,[

I haven't played OoX, Fs, FSA, tWW, tMC, or any game prior to LA... I am pathetic.

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