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OoT-3DS The Deku Tree

Are kid dungeons wastes?

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Of the Gorons
Aug 14, 2010
Death Mountain
I like the first dungeon, it was fun and simple, which is good for a first dungeon. I also liked the third dungeon because of the boomerang which is my favorite weapon


No, only because newbies need to get the hang of "Zelda" so they can get interested.


I really didn't like Inside the Deku Tree, but I liked Dodongo's cavern, and Inside Jabu Jabu's belly was okay...
Dec 22, 2011
I don't think they are a waste...They are supposed to be easy at first...Well maybe they could be a little bit more harder...But it's still great!!! If they weren't there then the game would be shorter...which wouldn't be a good thing...


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
I love both the first two kid dungeons, I'm not too fond of Jabu-Jabu's belly, mainly because I think fish and sealife creatures are boring... lol
Dec 19, 2011
The only one I would complain is Inside the Deku Tree and inside Jabu Jabu. The Deku Tree because it really was quite pointless since the Deku Tree gave you the… er…*thing… forgot its name… After you came out of him. Jabu Jabu because it was such a pain of a dungeon, and it was quite lengthy. Not that I hate lengthy dungeon, it's just as a kid it was quite annoying. And don't get me started about Ruto. :P


Just the Great Deku Tree. It's a tutorial dungeon: good for the first playthrough and total beginners, but a waste of time for the second playthrough or expert players.


Red as the Crimson Sun
Jun 27, 2011
McKinney, Texas
The Great Deku Tree, and every other "Tutoral Dungeon" are essential to the game. It might not be essential for Zelda veterans like myself, but it is for new players. How would you feel if when you where playing a Zelda game for the first time and you had no idea what to do because there was no 'tutoral Dungeon". You might even get upset and quit the game, and that's no good.


Businessman of Legend
Apr 1, 2009
I didn't think they were that much of a waste, but for me, the story doesn't pick up until you beat all three of them.


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
I'd rather have the Deku Tree (which is approximately 5-10 minutes from the moment you control Link) than have to deal with four hours straight of tutorials and then some for unskippable cutscenes. Sure, Deku Tree is easy. But it's an interactive, fun "tutorial" in my own experience.


Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
While I applaud your creative use of the poll options by turning it into a graphical rating system (seriously, I didn't even know you could put emoticons in there), I think that your poll would have been much clearer and more useful had you used verbal descriptions of what each option meant, rather than increasing numbers of fairies.

Anyway, that aside, I do not feel that the child dungeons were a waste of time. You have to remember that for many people, Ocarina of Time was their first Zelda game. As such, the initial dungeons are more like a tutorial. Thrusting someone into the Forest Temple right away, with no clue what they were doing, would have been horrible game design in my opinion.

In fact, the child dungeons do increase in difficulty as time goes on. In the Deku Tree, you learn about the most basic mechanics, lighting torches, rolling, opening doors, burning away webs, etc. In Dodongo's Cavern, you learn about how to deal with fire-based enemies, bombs, attacking weak points, looking for hidden stuff, and slightly more complex puzzle solving.

In Jabu-Jabu's Belly... that's when things get a little more complex. You get punished with damage for attacking enemies at the wrong time, you have to identify strange looking switches, figure out the connection between the barriers and the tentacles, beat a timed room with several bubbles, and beat a boss that requires constant movement and a strategy. You also have to carry Ruto around to help you reach your goals, which is a new twist. I would argue that this dungeon is as hard or harder than any Adult dungeon, because of the innovative use of the boomerang puzzles and the need to carry Ruto around to use as a weight. No other dungeon in the game requires those things.

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