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Temple of the Ocean King


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
What specifically did or didn't you like about the Temple of the Ocean King. I know the majority of people here didn't enjoy it very much, but specifically what didn't you enjoy. And if you did enjoy it, what made it interesting for you?

For me, I rather enjoyed it. It brought a great stealth element to the Zelda series that isn't seen very often. It was great fun to time running between safe zones, and deciding jsut exactly where one of the safe zone pots should be broken in order to make it useful.

I also enjoyed returning there in order to try and get a better time for the next return. Once the return point so you could skip the first part of the temple was created, I actually went back a couple of times to try and improve my time. With faster and faster runs through the Temple, and with picking up time bonuses, I think I got it down to only 48 seconds removed from the Hourglass.

I also really enjoyed going back through the Temple once I had the Phantom Sword. The Phantoms were no match for me then, and it was a real blast to slice them down after they caused me so much trouble before. I pruposely attacked each and every Phantom I could, and was suitably rewarded for my troubles as well! :)

So, SPECIFICALLY what did or didn't you enjoy about the Temple of the Ocean King. I don't want to see one sentence answers saying "It was horrible!" since I know most people didn't like it.


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Jul 18, 2009
Cloud 9
I actually liked the Temple. When I played through PH, I got hooked on collecting ship parts, and killing all the phantoms in the temple rewards you with a boatload (no pun intended) of parts


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Jun 29, 2009
i was half and half on this dungeon mostly because of not getting the phantom sword earlier and the levels getting very frustrating


Apr 19, 2009
I hated the Temple of the Ocean king to being with, I dont know why, I just saw it as pointless and frustrating and I didn't understand at all. I especially hated the first run through where you lose hearts instead of time in your hourglass, that was horrible!

However, as the game progressed, I started to really love this temple. I thought it was unique and exciting. There was nothing even remotely similar I had ever played before. I found myself looking forward to exploring the new levels in the temple and I loved, the puzzle in which you had to put the two screens of the DS together. I thought that was so clever and one of the most epic moments of the whole game.

I say one of the most, because that nowhere near topped the fun I got with running through the temple destroying and killing the crap out of all the phantoms. Not only did it reward me with treasures and boat pieces, but great satisfaction. I LOVED TO WATCH THEM DIE. Throughout the whole game It pissed me off that these things were un-killable to me. When they were, I revelled in it. Once I went through the entire temple and killed every single Phantom. That was a long run lol, I think it went over 20 minutes.

48 seconds Basement24? Not bad. I did it in 11 though :P. I've heard that it is possible to do it using 0 seconds though. Has anyone done this? Also the ZD guide says you get two cool rewards. I'd like to know what the rewards are, does anyone remember what they got?


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Apr 13, 2009
On earth
I enjoy it the 3rd or second time around, but after that the game just became annoying. I was sick of doing the same puzzle over and over. Nintendo could have made the puzzles different every time so it wouldn't be such a let down.

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Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Oye chico/chica i hated the temple of the ocean king. I mean you make like 7 or 8 frickin trips there the phantoms were annoying as heck nintendo focused too much on making that temple challenging that the others were so frickin easy!!!!! If nintendo puts another main central dungeon in spirit tracks i will have crazyness!!!!!!!!!!! (yes that was fawful speak)


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Jul 9, 2009
Los Angeles
I hated it because you couldn't go wild and take down the Phantoms, and when you could, they were to easy. When I played the first time, I expected it to be kind of like WW Darknuts. I was disapointed. I also hated doing every floor like 3 times.


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Jun 2, 2009
To be specific about what I didn't like about the Temple of the Ocean King, the only thing that I found annoying about it was the fact that you had to keep going into it over and over and over... etc., again. I didn't mind it the first or second time around, but after doing it repetitively, well it gets pretty annoying.

What I did like about the Temple of the Ocean King would be, in my opinion, that you didn't know what traps would be in store for you in the next level of the temple. It made it challenging to know that you wouldn't know what was around that next corner until it came and hit you. Although the reptitiveness that the temple had kinda killed it after you went in so many times (at least for the levels that you had already been in).
Oct 18, 2008
In my coffin
I really did not care much for the Temple of the Ocean King.
I really did not like the fact that you had to keep going back there.
It seemed to me that all those repeat visits to the Temple of the Ocean, were there solely for the purpose of making the game longer.

I really hope that Spirit Tracks does not have something similar to the Temple of the Ocean King.

Crystal Clair

My favorite thing to do in the TotOK was to make sure a Phantom was nearby, and then to make a loud sound and get them to come close. Sometimes I liked going right up to them and then runnning to a safe spot. Reminds me of my favorite Banjo-Kazooie pastime - ClickClock Woods as a bee, annoying the bull and flying up before it runs and hits you. I love that stuff.

I hated when they introduced more and more. I hated the noisy floor tiles, I hated those time-stealing ghosts and I hated the phantom buddies who would latch onto you and beep loudly. They even did it when the phantoms were all killed.


i did'nt enjoy it specially the phantom mist.
i like using ciela's phantom spheres
Feb 27, 2009
I personally hated the temple. I made so many mistakes, and my time would go away faster then I could even get through the temple, it was a difficult and puzzling part of the game, however, for me it was more difficult then I would have like, also the reason that I have not finished it.
Sep 13, 2009
What I disliked about it:
-It was a recurring theme, and you went back there after every dungeon to get a little further and obtain something else every time.
-Those Phantom Eyes (or whatever they're called). They got quite annoying after the first few times.
-Collecting the three shapes (square, ciricle, and triangle). Really lengthy, and a little frustrating.

What I liked about it:
-The Phantoms. They were just awesome.
-The temple itself.

In my opinion, if you didn't have to go back to it quite as often (as in, not after every dungeon, but maybe every other one), it wouldn't have been nearly as bad. Those Phantom Eyes are more a personal distaste than anything else, so not much can be done there, unless they removed them entirely, which would actually take something away from the temple. I also think that the shape collection part could have been made a little easier/shorter/etc., but that's just my opinion.

My overall thoughts on it, is that it's not necessarily a bad idea, but it could have been implemented better. I mean, I liked it, but it came up too often, and was way out of the way usually.


Corrupted Idiot
Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
I enjoyed the Temple of the Ocean King. I don't see the disappointing points in it. Well except if i have to say we must do it all over and over again to get a new Map. I liked it, it was a really nice puzzle game, i had fun avoiding the Phantoms and search for the key or switches. Also i love to search for the 3 shape parts. The Temple of the Ocean king was something never seen in any other Zelda games, so i liked the new idea and didn't see something stupid in it.

I have to say is disliked on thing about it and that was too repeat the same way over and over again. I thought i had to do this all the time from the beginning. Well lucky there are some checkpoints in here. I shall hate it if there aren't checkpoints. I had some problems with the last room before the ''Bellum door'', all the Phantoms in different colors are after you with three of them, the yellow or gold one was the most annoying.
As Werewolfy said the Phantom eyes are annoying too, they always got me first instead of i got them with the Boomerang.

Overall, the Temple of The Ocean King wasn't in my way. I love the puzzle's and all the other things in it, i see it as a sort of normal Dungeon and it's just in the story. The time you got with the Phantom Hourglass makes it just more challenging and i have to say that it was a real challenging place. I got stuck for a long time on the place where you have to close your DS... No i really can't say it was annoying or hate ot, i just have to say i hope something like this will return in any game. But then without the repeats, that was the only annoying thing in the game, especially the second part with the shapes. Don't know which floor it was, but i remember something about a time stealing ghost and the floor with sound. Most annoying place in the temple.

Anyway if you got the Phantom Sword it isn't so annoying anymore. And then we can find even the Golden Ship Parts.

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