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Survey: Vision

Pick the Following that Apply to you.

  • I do Not Wear anything

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I Wear Glasses

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I Wear Contacts

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I Wear Contacts and Glasses

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I Own Glasses, but do not Wear them.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I Own Contacts, but do not Wear them.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I Own Contacts and Glasses, but do not Wear them.

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  • I do Not Wear or Own anything, but I should.

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Sep 20, 2008
What does the survey plan to achieve, Ember? It seems interesting.
I have perfect vision, and I am very glad and proud of that.
Sep 10, 2008
Me, I have (Perfect? ) vision. One of my eyes is Short Sighted, the other Long Sighted, according to my Optician, but that should correct itself.


Jul 15, 2009
I'm actually dead lucky... both my dad and my brother need glasses, and we're thinking my littlest bro will need them too... he's acting the same way my first brother did when he was little before he got them. I guess I managed to inherit my mum's perfect vision (*touch wood*) along with her grey-blue eye colour... my bros both have brown eyes like my dad. Can't say I was so lucky on the dental front though... darned soft enamel like my dad *grumble grumble*


King of Redeads
Jul 27, 2010
Top Lad
My vision sucks but with my contacts my vision is corrected to 20/15 which apparently is better than 20/20

February Eve

ZD District Attorney
Mar 21, 2010
@NorthApple - I feel you on the dental problems. -.-

I didn't vote because I've met hardly anyone in my situation. I used to wear glasses/contacts...and then my vision improved to the point that I didn't need them. It usually deteriorates, not improves, you know? Everyone in my immediate family needs some form of glasses, though, so I expect to need them again in the future.

Anyway, in terms of just my current situation, I don't need any kind of corrective vision aids.
Sep 16, 2009
Cali For Nuh
Eve- Thats my situation too!

I was given glasses when I was in 3rd grade as well as preferential seating in class.... But a few years later the glasses were starting to give me headaches. And when I got my vision tested it was concluded that I didnt need glasses.

I also have something as a result of my plates fusing pre-maturely as a baby. My eyes dont line up. The doctors had to perfrom surgery to re split the plates to allow my head to grow. Only one eye works at a time and most of the time my right eye goes into standby mode. It makes it difficult to see in 3-D but not impossible...

Just movies these days are a whole lot more tiring on my body then they used to be.


Wild Card
Jun 14, 2010
My eyes are still good. My mom and dad both got glasses in high school, but luckily, my eyes can still see clearly. It's only when I'm extremely tired that my eyes are a little blurry(that combined with usually looking at a screen).


ᴀᴘᴘᴇᴀʀs ᴀɴᴅ ᴅɪsᴀᴘᴘᴇᴀʀs
Jun 23, 2010
Herts, England
I have perfect vision now but I used to wear glasses and thus still own them. I only wore them to try and combat a headache and fix a slightly lazy eye though.

Saying that though, i'm not quite sure how my opticians can say my vision is perfect when there's a slight blind spot on one which comes and goes.

Chuck Taylor

I wear glasses for reading or to see long distance. I became short sighted from watching too much Tv =P

Cel-Shaded Deku

Ha ha, charade you are!
Jul 24, 2010
Rapin' your churches, burnin' your women!
I've taken very good care of my eyes so I don't wear glasses (unless you count sunglasses).

On an unrelated note I don't know how my brother hasn't gone blind. He stands two inches in front of the TV and turns the brightness on the computer all the way up.


What the moo?
Mar 4, 2010
a place somewheres
I just got some earlier this month, and are for distances. If I'm watching a sports game, I can't see the score. Or if I'm playing a Gamecube game I have to squint to see. I'm very pleased with how they are working out. My dad has glasses, but his are for reading. My little sister also has some, I think because one of her eyes are lazy, I could be horribly wrong on that.
Dec 11, 2009
My vision is horrible. If I were to take my glasses off right now, and look at my computer screen from the normal distance I am away from it, I wouldn't be able to read anything.

My vision gets worse and worse with each visit to the eye doctor. I start to think that I'll be legally blind by the time I'm 20 :<

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