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Super-Spy: Operation Focus (SIGNUPS)

Nov 17, 2014
Here's my sign up, finally.

Character Full Name: Rachel Ann Turner

Character Spy number and/or name (Not 007): Starker Scorpion/Starker/Scorpion

Character Spy Organization (CIA, ect): Defense intelligence agency (DIA)

Character Appearance: Changes frequently, but currently: ‘Instagram Millennial’ Green eyes; chestnut to icy colored ombre hair—reaches shoulders, always in waves so it looks shorter; Looks 5’10”, but wears heels constantly to maintain the height illusion; Can often (not on missions) be seen in light-wash jeans, boots of some kind, and typically in a black shirt, anywhere from T-shirt to button-up

Character Gender: Female

Primary: Master at toxins, “neutralizes” targets through poisons, whether fatal or non. Targets can be taken down anywhere, including in the open, like walking down the street. She is the pinnacle of covert, and calculates times before neutralization point precisely.

Secondary: Photographic memory

Also things that are probably basic, but that I wanted to include: Knows how to changes appearances smoothly and quickly. Could be walking on the street, than go around the corner and be completely different
Can lie really well, and combats truth serum with her own 'serum'

Character Weaknesses: Is actually very terrified of pain. She can handle it when it comes down to it, but the thought of pain makes her crumble. Basically, torture; also cannot fire a gun to save her life. The kickback is too much, and she never hits the bull’s eye…or even the target.

Other: Is okay in hand-to-hand. She’s not a black belt, but she can stand her ground long enough to get away.

Has a morbid sense of humor


(Note: I couldn’t find anywhere that said how old you had to be to work in the DIA without actually applying, but to work in the CIA, you have to be eighteen, so for the RP, that’s what I based my character on.)

Dad and Mom were DIA, and Rachel always thought it was the coolest job in the world…till they died on a mission when she was sixteen. She decided than, out of fear, that she wouldn’t ever sign up to do their job, and kind of closed off to the world, getting paranoid about who else would leave her. Two years later, when she was old enough, she ended up applying to work with the agency, after doing more research. Her only actual friend, Mariana, suggested that she apply in order to get to know her parents more, and feel closer to them. Though not the only reason for her application, it was the tipping point that made her really want to do it. Since then she’s loved it, mainly for the thrill of the chase.
Nov 17, 2014
Perfect! Also a little quirk is that she always carries a bag/satchel with supplies.

She's got this face:
But this hair:

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