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Star Fox Switch

Star Fox is an IP that has become increasingly interesting to me over the years, I could harp on as to why and list all of the bad luck the series has had to endure but I won't, instead I want to move on and talk about the next game in the series.

Miyamoto confirmed that Star Fox wasn't dead after Zero and that we'd see another game in the future, depending on who you are that could be a good or bad thing.

As for me, i have a theory. I think Star Fox Switch has the potential to be the best in the series, I think it could be a surprise must-have Switch title, one that'll sink Star Fox 64...

Call my crazy but I think it could happen. The Switch doesn't really have a hardware gimmick that could truly cripple the experience like the Wii U did for Zero meaning more effort could be put into the game proper.

Poor Star Fox deserves a decent game, maybe Star Fox Switch will be the one... if it happens.

Do you think Star Fox Switch could be the one to raise the bar for the series and make it relevant and important again?

Will it be a 64 killer?

Do you even think Star Fox Switch will happen?


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Apr 6, 2011
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I think it could happen, too. If anything, what Nintendo should aim for is keeping the controls simple with little to no gimmicks involved while also, and perhaps most importantly from my perspective, advance the story. Heck, if it's anything like the idea you shared with me last summer, then Nintendo may have money on their hands.

On another level, Star Fox Switch could very well be the title that begins to take seriously the multiplayer potential of the series. If that's done, we could see a potential "64-killer," but it's really hard to say right now. I would say more, but I'm not feeling particularly motivated to ramble on some more.
Honestly, I think it'd be cool to play as James McCloud and find out the entire story of the original Star Fox team and Pigma's subsequent betrayal. Since longtime fans know how things will turn out, the game would be darker in tone towards the end but still have some of the classic corny jokes Star Fox is known for. Miyamoto and co. don't seem to know how to tell a new story in the Star Fox universe, but they have an origin story they've created that needs to be fleshed out more.

Aside from that, I agree with Mido about no gimmicks on the controls. Also, it's key that the multiplayer features online play. That was a huge missed opportunity in Star Fox 64 3D. That would expand the longevity of the game beyond playing alternate routes in the single player.

If Nintendo does all this, I think they have the potential to top Star Fox 64, but I don't know if it would get much fanfare these days. Star Fox 64 launched at a good time for the on-rails genre. The same can't be said about these types of games today. They're pretty much the opposite of what consumers want these days. But if it can fill that diehard niche, that should be success enough.


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Jul 5, 2017
Will it be a 64 killer?

Do you even think Star Fox Switch will happen?

I don't think any SF game would be considered a 64 killer, as much as I want it to be. I'm a fan of the series however I still believe 64 to be the last great entry from the series. If Nintendo can get the story right, keep the on foot combat to a minimum, and introduce some solid online play, we may have a contender.

StarFox Switch will most likely happen. If it were up to me, like @A Link In Time said, I'd rather have a prequel with Pigmas betrayal and some backstop. StarFox Zero was virtually identical so we barely got anything new story wise.

I don't want any more of the on foot combat, give me plenty of arwing action, some landmaster destruction, and I'd be happy with that. Fast paced pilot battles are always fun.

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Mar 23, 2013
Heck no.

Nintendo doesn't seem to have any idea what it's doing with Star Fox (or Shigeru Miyamoto doesn't, seeing as he spearheaded the control scheme) and Star Fox Zero was a massive flop. I can't see Nintendo touching Star Fox for a good long while, same as the break Metroid took until the Samus Returns remake.
Oct 14, 2013
I don't think any SF game would be considered a 64 killer, as much as I want it to be.
I think you might be right, even though I personally believe Star Fox SNES is superior in almost every way to Star Fox 64.

What I would like to see from Star Fox Switch is a return to the SNES days. This would be:
  • Better graphics of cause and an updated aesthetic but keeping inline with the same base concept as the first game
  • The return to a hard, in your face soundtrack. The SNES soundtrack was really like this, really in your face and made a great statement. The 64 soundtrack was such a let down. Orchestral, weak and not at all inline with what Star Fox should be. Just take the main music for Coneria from both games. Just one example of many. Star Fox Switch needs a hard soundtrack, nothing whimpy like Star Fox 64.
  • Not have reused stages like Star Fox Zero
  • Dual audio options. English and Lylat speak.
  • Have two types of controls. The first would be traditional Star Fox SNES and 64 style. The second would be motion controls, but nothing like Star Fox Zero. It's be joycon based and you'd move around the screen similar to moving your ARMS fighter around. Of cause there'd be no punching. But having both joycons in the upright position, shooting with your thumbs and using motions to move around the screen would be so much fun. Both types of control, standard and motion would be optional, you could chose one or the other and get the full experience of the game.

Different ways I think Star Fox Switch could play out.
  • It could be the standard rail shooter with a few all range mode areas. That's very nice, if done well (as in better than Star Fox Zero) people would totally buy it. I would totally buy this.
  • The second option here is to make the game more mission/time based like Star Fox 2 or Star Fox Command. I think this is a bad idea as many people were not fond of these games.
  • A thrd option is more on foot like Adventures or Assault. Again I think this is a bad idea as it's not what the fans want and I don't think it'd sell well.

However there is a fourth option that has the potential to totally blow open the series and result in an amazing game. An open space game. Basically open world, but in space instead of a planet. How is see this working out would be like if the best parts of breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Star Fox were all combimed into a single game. Itt's not a new concept, it's been done before but I'll explain how Star Fox can do it.

You start off with a little story in a tutorial area. Where the main story is told to you. Basically Andross is terrorising the Lylat system yet again. Blah, blah, blah. Same ol schtick. You play as Fox McCloud. But without a team initially. After the initial tutorial area is done (think BotW plateau), you are thrust out into space. Where do you go? What do you do? That's totally up to you. Of cause the main aim is to destroy Andross on Venom. You can do that right away or you can explore the many many other planets, asteriod fields, nebulas and other places on interest in the Lylat system. Each one would consist of a loosely styled all range mode or more fixed on rails segment, each woth a boss at the end. Each have their own loose part to the plot just like BotW, nothing major. You cound consider these like the shrines of Star Fox Switch, though more in depth and wth a boss at the end of each one.

Your ship starts out very basic and you have to upgrade it at space stations or on planet bases. Using money you earn from doing missions and/or destroying other things in space. You would also have to upgrade each space station/planet base similar to the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ttitan upgrade system so you feel liek you've earnt your upgrades. At these bases you would also recruit members for your team. Everyone from Slipp/Falco and co to Star Wolf to new characters would be available, though you'd have to do some stuff before you cna recruit them. Recruiting them would be required to access some areas as they would help you in those areas.

Space itself is not barren either. Random asteriods or space bosses or enemy fighters or whatever could be farmed for more materials/cash to upgrade your Arwing.
This open space Star Fox could be a good idea.

Heck no.

Nintendo doesn't seem to have any idea what it's doing with Star Fox (or Shigeru Miyamoto doesn't, seeing as he spearheaded the control scheme) and Star Fox Zero was a massive flop. I can't see Nintendo touching Star Fox for a good long while, same as the break Metroid took until the Samus Returns remake.
Even though you and I totally disagree on the specifics of what was good and what was bad in Star Fox Zero, the one thing we both do agree on is the fact that generally Star Fox Zero did get a poor reception and I also can't see Nintendo wanting to reenter this franchise anytime soon.


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May 24, 2015
I could see it happening, but not for a while. I really think that the SNES Classic was a gauge of reception for Star Fox in general, and it was well received to get a brand new(old) Star Fox game. I think it will happen eventually. Whether or not it will actually be good..... Well.... We will see.

Star Fox would be an excellent graphical showcase of what Nintendo can do. Giant space battles, that look amazing. So long as Nintendo applies themselves(the reason Zero looked so meh, was the whole dual screen thing and so they had to render everything twice. This is the reason even Star Fox Assault looks better than Zero). It would also be an awesome showcase for HD rumble as well. So long as Nintendo makes simple controls, a pretty good new story, completely new levels. I think it could be a pretty good game.

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