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Game Thread Square Enix Mafia


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Apr 19, 2022
I, I, I was
Staying alive, staying alive
I, I, I was
Staying alive, staying alive
I, I, I was
Staying aliiiiiiiiiiiive XD

At this point I wanted to clarify once more that I NEVER ever targeted anyone during the game. I'ld even provide access to or screenshots of my role pm chat to proof this, but not without the explicit permission of the hosts.

Also I wanna admit something...
During some point (D3 or D4, don't remember exactly) I re-read my entire chat with the hosts and noticed something, but before I get more precise I need to go back a little further...
Do you remember that I claimed not to know whose items I received? This was not completely false, I actually got an item without being told whose it was.
Since I didn't really care for the whole item thing I didn't read the messages regarding the items as careful as I should have. After re-reading the previous messages I claimed to actually get the names and was mistaken because I oversaw said message because the first messages regarding items were in bold font.
Long story short, at some point during D3/D4 I realized that I actually had Rag's weapon, there was no way that it was someone else's. However, I was scared as hell to tell you guys because I knew this would make me look ultra sus and I really wanted to pull through.
So yeah, sorry for creating this whole confused mess about the whole item thing, my bad :sweat:


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to be fair with the policy kills we had to make and a lynchproof godfather I think they actually did

if numbers had pointed out how insane a deathproof mafia is + doubled on the idea you claimed the remaining one was a ninja (and thus copable) then I think mafia coulda won


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Jul 12, 2011
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I think if I hadn't stopped Rag from dying the previous night, and Numbers had done some talking to maybe get us cops to turn against each other somehow, like try to convince us that with two cops there had to be a framer, it could have been a close game and maybe a win.

Still think it was town favored


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honestly, not even sure if that was the reason there was no kill
numbers said they send out a "secret fourth ninja member though" to perform the kill, which depending on the host who processed it might've been differently accepted

but yea town's roles were definitely a lot stronger, specially with two cops and a tracker
definitely winnable for mafia as the game went on though so good job yall

Morbid Minish

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I copped both Libk and Numbers the same night and got town and scum. If Libk were lying he would've had to have been a Godfather framer which seemed unlikely.
Dec 13, 2019
oh yea forgot about that
my bad then, you're probably right about stopping them

I was told it failed as well, meaning it was accepted.

Also I wasn't deathproof, very much could be nk'd. From my perspective godfather was just an honorary title.

@Mikey, the singular culpability that I mentioned there was the reason for it, so if they were tracked they weren't tracked to multiple targets. Being passive the same would never be true for me.


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Godfather should've been babyfaced. Would've made me and Libk less powerful. And cause more distrust there.
they were babyfaced
if you copped them they'd show as town:

Hello, 15377, and welcome to Square Enix Mafia!
You are Sephiroth, the 1x Lynchproof Mafia Godfather! You represent the Final Fantasy franchise.
A genetic experiment created by the Shinra Electric Power Company to become the perfect SOLDIER, you turned against your creators in order to allow your mother, Jenova, to destroy the planet Gaia.

As the godfather, you will come up as town in all cop checks, and you can survive one lynch attempt. Please note, however, that you are NOT Bulletproof.
Also, you have a really cool theme song.

You win when the mafia have reached parity with the rest of the game.

You have entered battle wielding your sword, Masamune. Please confirm your receival of this Role PM in the sign-up thread.

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