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Spell Checking...

I know what you mean J oh, I think that people really need to learn to spell correctly, now im not perfect I spell wrong lots, but that is mainly the fault of me typing/writing to fast, but sometimes I just dont know how to spell a word ex. I just learned how to spell "message", i mean, that took me over 2 years just to figure that out. I get that sometimes people make mistakes, but I dont really like those people that can't spell and have no intention of trying to get better and improve. (now to go through the post I just wrote and check for spelling mistakes hahaha)


Jun 2, 2010
Windfall Island
Although, I don't know where these red lines you're talking about are. I've only ever seen them on Word Perfect, not the internet.

It all depends on your web browser. I use Internet Explorer and never see the red and green lines. However, Mozilla Firefox and quite a few other browsers do the same. They also show up on all Microsoft Office programs such as Works, Publisher, Powerpoint, Excel, etc.

Anyways, I agree that it's a growing problem. It's also one of my pet peeves. Sometimes it reflects one's education, but can also reflect pure laziness. Texting/computer lingo is probably part of the problem. Words have often been replaced with numbers and abbreviations such as "lol lets go 2 teh stor 4 sum ice creem lol omggg lol!!!!11.............." Things like that just annoy me. I think the reason that most people do this is because they just don't care. They just want to get their message across and that's all. They don't realize that it makes them look sloppy and unprofessional. When I read online comments, arguments, etc. I just skip right over the ones with poor spelling. If they don't care for their spelling, they obviously aren't going to make a compelling argument and usually it's not something worth wasting my time trying to decode. An occasional typo is fine though.

I have a few friends that I love to talk to in person, but when I talk to them on MSN or read their facebook statuses, I get a little frustrated. I'm not sure if it's because they were poorly educated, or if they just don't care. Whatever it is, they often come off as a little immature. I'm not saying that I don't like them, because I love them. I just don't enjoy talking to them online. Another girl I know, speaks perfect English. However, when I talk to her on the computer, her grammar is a disaster. This is her facebook profile info: "i am common and gently to my friends i like to mathmatic i have knowledge to do it in my head i to do art and go shopping have friend i like to help people love taking care all my pets but my life ok cool love to hangout with my best friends love to red chines food and pizza,ice ,star buck , rice , instead noodle and sushi nd bubble tea" When her grammar is like that, I become very agitated when talking to her. Btw, I hope I'm not coming off as rude, because that's the last thing I would want to do. I'm just trying to prove my point.

I think the thing that irks me the most is when people don't bother to capatalize the first word of a sentence or add any punctuation whatsoever. Reading big, long run-on sentences is torture for me. I think that proper capatalization and punctuation are the easiest things to do to make your sentences more structured and professional, but so many people just ignore it. I mean, we've known that you're supposed to capitalize the word at the beginning of every sentence and a period finishes the sentence off since kindergarten. Why do people still not even bother? I just happen to live in the city with the second lowest school grades and drop-out rates in British Columbia so I have it pretty bad here.

... but an even worse problem growing in today's society is handwriting. Now kids are typing everything, and their handwriting is horrible. By reading this you won't know if we have bad or good handwriting. Now they don't even teach kids how to correctly hold a pencil, which makes it hard to write so people can read it. I remember there used to be a handwriting class. Now there's a typing class. Just saying...

Yes, handwriting has become a MAJOR problem nowadays. Printing regular letters doesn't to seem to be a problem but cursive handwriting is. In grade 3, my class was taught how to handwrite. We were told that in high school, assignments would not be accepted in printing and they HAD to be in handwriting. Since then, teachers have always written things in printing and none of them ever told us to do it in handwriting. In fact, many teachers discouraged handwriting, because our handwriting was too messy. In fact, I can barely handwrite and I'm one of the few males at my school that actually gets compliments on their printing legibility. I can still handwrite, but just barely. Most people at my school literally CAN'T handwrite. They just don't know how. It was taught to us 8 years ago and we just haven't been expected to use it since.

Btw, again, I hope none of this came off as rude. :D
Jun 14, 2010
New York
I don't know about the handwriting thing. Sure, computers have something to do with it, but I didn't own a computer until middle school so there's no excuse for my terrible handwriting. It's just always been terrible.

It's easy enough to check your spelling, especially on the internet. If I'm not sure I'm spelling something right, I just stick it in a google search. I understand that not everyone is as OCD as I am, but when you don't even bother to check your spelling/grammar you come off as uneducated and lazy. And I'm sure most people aren't.

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