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Something Funny I Just Noticed in the E3 2011 Trailer


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Jun 15, 2010
Let me clarify, it has not actually been confirmed that the whale is a dream. It has been said by a Nintendo representative however that the game starts with Link having a dream and waking up in Skyloft. Exactly like OoT started, with Link having a dream and waking up in Kokiri Forest.
The part about the whale being in the dream is just a theory, albeit a very plausible one. I think the dream encompasses not only the part with the whale, but the scenes with Link falling in darkness and seeing Phi as well. Link has had prophetic dreams before, so why not again?

First of all, Zelda is wearing different clothes from when Link and her go flying and get sucked in the tornado. No matter how you twist it, it's impossible that it's the same event.
Second, the scene with the whale seems very dream-like, with all-white background and a very dream-like effect, no to mention the slo-mo, with Zelda reaching out to Link as she falls. Granted, the slo-mo isn't a great argument, but still.
Third, the scene afterwards with Link falling suddenly has a completely black background. This is very dream-like, as the scene changes with the events and how Link, the dreamer, feels.
Last, I feel the whale looks more like some sort of metaphore for the 'evil' down below, than an actual creature, but this is more my opinion.

Okay. That makes a lot more sense. XD

It could be a possibility. Ocarina of Time did start out as a dream, like you mentioned, so they might do it again. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

By the way, did the Nintendo rep ever specify how long the dream lasted? Or if you were able to control Link during the dream? Just curious. ^^


Jan 19, 2011
Link please, to the interview mentioning the dream...


i didn't mean to offend anyone but people do like to state opinion as fact when it is indeed opinion. which is what it seemed like people on this tread were doing. no it does not look like a dream to me. just because i don't see things your way doesn't mean that i haven't watched the trailer or that i am see something wrong. i'm just suggesting that the two things occur at the same time which is what a lot of people think because that is how it appears to be. and thing about zelda's clothes could just be an accident. that has happened in movies and cartoon shows. i don't think it means anything. sometimes people look too closely and imply things that really mean nothing.
This is not a movie. That happens in movies because they take shots at different times, and its real people with mistakes. Games are programmed, they are not gonna randomly program extra clothing on a video game character by accident. Specially the people who make zelda.

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Apr 5, 2010
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I do see how many people can believe in this "dream theory". I personally don't see it however, even after reviewing every piece of Skyward Sword footage and article known to man. The effects in the whale part of the E3 2011 Trailer don't mean anything to me. Besides, it IS just a trailer/cutscene. Special Effects are used for those ALOT. Even as I'm saying that I don't believe in the theory, after looking at the clothing/earring issue, I start to believe. Thank you, Yonatesf, for giving an educated answer and allowing me to realize the possibility in the theory.


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Sep 2, 2010
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Im really confused... I heard that the whale thingy is a servant sent by a godess to save Zelda. If its a metaphor it would mean the goddess herself saved Zelda. If the whole whale thing was just a dream, Zelda would just fall in the tornado. And I also heard from an interview that the tornado was sent by Lord G to capture Zelda... But throughout the story Link is trying to save Zelda before Lord G...

OMG :S Confuzzled


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Nov 24, 2009
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Consider that the scene with Zelda riding with Link and getting sucked into the tornado is the only scene in which that particular article of clothing is absent. If anything seems out of place, it's that scene, not the one with the whale.
Dec 24, 2010
Consider that the scene with Zelda riding with Link and getting sucked into the tornado is the only scene in which that particular article of clothing is absent. If anything seems out of place, it's that scene, not the one with the whale.

Why? We know where and when the scene with Link and Zelda and the tornado takes place. Link wins the bird-riding contest and gets to ride out with Zelda, one-on-one.
While they're chillin' in the sky, Ghirahim attacks, summoning a tornado and sucking Zelda to the surface. Apparentely something (the servant) comes and takes Zelda, but I don't think we'll actually see that. That's it. Everything in the scene is clear.
The scene with the whale however looks completely different, has a different vibe, and Zelda is wearing some piece of clothing not seen in the previously mentioned scene. If anything, the whale-scene connects much better to all the other Skyloft scenes than to the 'kidnapping' scene.

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Oct 16, 2010
South Carolina
Ok, so what I can figure from all of this is that SS starts as a dream similar to OoT. However this dream doesn't foretell future events exactly, but it instead points in the direction that something bad is going to happen. (Phi might also appear in the dream, I'm still a bit confused.)

When Zelda and Link are on their birds the tornado comes which knocks Zelda off her bird, however the servant of the Goddess (the whale) saves her. This was all started by clothing? Really?

I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I don't think a change of clothing foretells anything. Maybe at their school in Skyloft, Link and Zelda learned how to "abort" their birds and jump to an island below, so Zelda puts on additional clothing that she had taken off for the bird ride so she wouldn't lose it, and she jumped (accidentally) into the tornado created by Lord Ghirahim.

I don't think this really foretells anything. Remember as a side point that this trailer was made with rough programming and looks of design. Nintendo was and still is working on SS, which could include clothing. It's highly possible Nintendo missed that because someone didn't add Zelda's full costume when they programmed the bird scene.

It could mean something, but I think its far more likely something irrelevant happened.

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